What if you could recognize your triggers & stories & knew how to change It?

Whatever you give attention to is what you create in your life.

If you give attention to what you’re afraid of, you’ll create it.

Look at where you want to go, instead of where you don’t.

We learn strategies to get love from our parents:

  • how to be the good girl
  • how to love yourself better
  • feelings of separation
  • being alone
  • frustration
  • feeling lost
  • insecurities

Self-care is Required and is NOT  being selfish

What’s included with this course:

  • Weekly recorded Zoom video calls
  • MP3 recordings for your easy listening
  • Recorded Meditation
  • Notes and Handouts
  • Bonus: Embracing Your Inner Child and Adolescent visualization
Weekly call topics:

Week 1: Information and Tools to Shift You From the Inside Out
  • The Two Game Boards of Life-Which one will you choose?
  • The Four Stages of Awakening
  • Your Breath as a Tool
  • Intention and The Law of Attraction

Week 2: Coming Home to You
  • The Four Steps to Change
  • Mediation
  • Centre of Your Head
  • Grounding Cord

Week 3: The True Law of Attraction
  • The Power of Emotions
  • False Emotions and Authentic Emotions

Week 4: Loving the Different Parts of You
  • Ego
  • Embracing Your Inner Child and Adolescent

Week 5: What You Say Matters
  • The Power of Words
  • “Living Words”
  • I AM Statements

Week 6: Conscious Creation and Manifestation
  • Three Tools. The more you use them, the sharper they get
  • A Work Horse – The Rose Tool

This 6-week course is $400 (NZD)


Contact me here at cindy@cindypowersprosor.com

A little about Cindy Powers Prosor… I’m a Certified, Professional Co-Active Coach, professionally certified by The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California and a member of ICF. I’ve extensively studied metaphysics over the last 20 years with teachers around the world.

Happily married to my soul mate since 1981, I run programs and retreats between our home in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand and our lakeside cottage in Northern California. I believe my own happiness and life is a reflection of my work and my most potent credential.