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How you start your day sets the energy for it to unfold.

Are you someone who jumps out of bed the moment you open your eyes and immediately gets swept up in “doing” of the days activities, reconnecting to and creating feelings of stress, overwhelm or frustration?

Or, do you hit the snooze button once, twice or even three times, wishing you could stay curled up and in dreamland?

When you take a few moments in the morning to consciously set the energy for the day, you feel grounded, intentional, focused, and confident. This energy creates a spacious day filled with possibilities and opportunities that seem to flow to you.

And, when you are confronted with a challenge, you have the tools and the space to pause, look at your choices and make a conscious choice that is right for you in that moment.

Starting your day from a place of “being” (rather than “doing” or resistance), not only helps your whole day run smoother, it also helps you stay centered and grounded, so you can navigate from a place of confidence, trust and joy.

I created the beautiful “Magical Morning Mediation” audio and accompanying guidebook, so you can let go of all thoughts and emotions that are not serving you and feed your soul with a special elixir especially designed to help you as you begin your day.

There is nothing you have to do, except allow me to personally guide you through the 16-minutes of this calming, grounding, and centering meditation.

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