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All of your answers are within you. Curiosity is a tool that unlocks doors within that have been closed and forgotten. Curiosity allows you to be in an expansive, open and bright place of new growth, possibilities, opportunities and learning about yourself and your world.

Uncovering Blindspots

Blind spots are fears and beliefs that keep you stuck in struggle and away from the life you desire.  Because you are so in your blind spots you cannot see them. Your blind spots seem real yet they are only an illusion. To create true and lasting happiness, you MUST become intimate with your blind spots.


Although you are not physically 5 or 13 years old, the energy and essence of your inner child and adolescent are still very much alive within you today. Until your early wounds, beliefs and fears are healed, they will continue to sabotage your happiness today. To have more love and compassion in your life, you MUST learn to be there for yourself in all the ways you’ve wanted others to be there for you.


Everything you see around you is a direct reflection of what’s going on within you. As we work together, you’ll shift your inner world (your beliefs, fears, emotions, stories, and fears). As your inner world shifts, your outer world shifts and you begin to see the world differently.
“As you change the way you see the world, the world you see will change”.


Instead of being triggered by your blind spots and reacting to your circumstances, you learn to insert a pause, get curious and, look at your choices. In doing so,you have the ability to make empowered choices and consciously respond to your circumstances. There is great freedom here.

❝I’m always amazed at how much resonance your words have. I’m really impressed by these calls and how much I learn from them every time and how much I progress too.❞
~Estelle Reygner (France)

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