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Are you ready to create the life you long for?

Pillars of My Work

Here are the five guiding values I live my life by (and how I coach my clients):

The Illusion and the More Real: Everything you see around you is just a reflection of what’s going on within you. If you try to change the world around you to be happy, loved or successful, it’s like going for the pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow…it’s just an illusion. To find lasting happiness, security, and love, you MUST make the changes from within.

Exposing and Dismantling Blind Spots:  We all have them. Blind spots are fears and beliefs we adopted usually at a young age, often from well-intentioned adults. They keep us stuck in struggle and from living the life we long for. To find true and lasting happiness, you must become intimate with your blind spots so you can then dismantle them.

Connect to Your True Self: Breathe. Feel. Meditate. Move. Laugh. Create. Be in nature. Engage your senses. Listen within. Get curious. Be present. By doing so, you connect to your true Self.  This is the BEST medicine for worry, anxiety, and stress.

Allow Things to Come to You: When you align your inner world to your heartfelt desires and actively imagine this desired life with empowered joy, ease, trust, and grace, almost like magic the “right” people and opportunities appear.

Freedom and Responsibility: You are in the driver’s seat of your life. Life is not happening to you, it is happening for you…to learn and grow yourself in this lifetime. Instead of letting life trigger you and you reacting, insert a pause and get curious. In that pause, look at your choices and the impact of each choice. From this empowered place you are able to make an empowered choice and consciously respond. And in this ability to respond, you are taking personal response-ability for your life and for your fulfilment. That’s where the freedom is.

Are you ready to create the life you long for?

Book your Private Breakthrough Session with me now

This session is $150 and during our session, if we decide to work together further, your $150 is applied toward a program with me. During this 75-minute session, you will get to experience the powerful coaching work I do with clients. You’ll walk away with clarity and insight on next steps to create the life you long for.

Who I Work With:

I work with people look happy and successful on the outside yet on the inside they are struggling in one or more areas. They are leaders, coaches, business owners, mothers and fathers who are ready for expansion and to live in a new way…from the inside out.

How I Co-Create with My Clients:

I safely and lovingly hold the space for my clients to courageously open the doors within themselves…to find their own answers, connect to their deep wisdom and lovingly be there for themselves in all the ways they’ve wanted others to be there for them.

This involves lots of compassion, trust, curiosity, and a unique way of listening. It includes guided visualizations and meditations as well as empowering processes, techniques, and tools for moving forward.

By doing so, I help my clients consciously create their life with ease and grace, while making powerful choices that feel good, inspire and connect them to their being-ness, their inner wisdom and their Divine presence within.


“I knew I needed to make some life changes and that I was ready to deal with the barriers holding me back, but I didn’t know where or how to start. My first session with Cindy confirmed immediately that she was the person who could provide the exact unique set of tools to make those changes and get past those barriers to transform my life forever. I left the call with clarity around why I felt stuck, tools to get me moving again with and homework to keep me focused.  For the first time in a long time, I felt inspired, enlightened and excited about my future.“ 
~Sally, New Zealand
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