• Before working with Cindy I was unhappy with the way my life was playing out. I felt I was constantly sabotaging my ability to be happy and to succeed in my career. I was struggling with the work life balance and expected that the attention to detail and high expectations I used as the foundations for my professional life were just as important in my personal life and my relationships. I was also struggling with low self-esteem and self worth while successfully projecting a happy professional manner. This lead to a depressive episode some years ago and I then began to question my fundamental beliefs around my wellbeing and what it takes to function as a healthy human being.

    Working with Cindy has allowed me to understand that the skills that worked so well in my career are not necessarily how I should treat my personal life and my relationships. I have been able to relax my expectations on myself and have learnt the tools that allow me to recognise when I am sabotaging myself. I am now able to forgive myself and move on. I am now able to manage the triggers from my past that have previously left me with my energy scattered and reactive and am now able to focus my energy back within myself.

    Today, my life is completely different. I can manage the negative thought processes that have previously held me back and I am able to foster genuine happiness and love within myself. I am feeling more settled and am appreciating life far beyond what I thought I would be possible of doing. Life still throws curve balls, but now I am able to see situations for what they are and not attach insecurities, negative emotions and energy to it that would previously pull me down.

    Russell Christian – Real Estate Agent

  • Before meeting Cindy, I felt insecure and I didn’t believe in myself. I worried about what others thought about me and did way too much for people who never appreciated me. I felt guilty for doing things just for myself.

    Cindy helped me to help myself by asking questions and getting me to see my life from different perspectives... perspectives I couldn’t see on my own. With Cindy’s gentle guidance, I now know how important it is to take care of myself before taking care of others. I’m learning to set boundaries and I know when and how to say “no”. Cindy has helped me to believe in myself and in my future.

    S.H., New Zealand

  • The minute I met Cindy I could tell she was someone special. Cindy originally came to me as she was looking to move her business to the Bay of Plenty and a mutual friend recommended that I may be able to help her out as my business (Formula One Results) is in marketing.

    However, once we got talking I could tell that Cindy could also be an incredible and very timely help for me as I was stuck with how to find and create a long-term, loving relationship with a life partner. I was meeting some great people but didn’t feel I had really met or found “The One” yet.

    I learnt so much about myself through the work we did, and now have a very clear understanding of my triggers and what I need to do to create the relationships I want in my life. To the point that after only a few months of working with Cindy, I met my perfect person and we now looking to combine our families and embark a new future together.

    Chantelle Laurent, Marketing Strategist, New Zealand

  • When I found Cindy I was lacking motivation and direction. I was stuck, frustrated and unhappy.

    Cindy seems to see my soul. She is an amazing listener as she gently asks questions that provide me with clarity and insight. Cindy is a true revelation. To me she is a teacher, a mentor and now a friend.

    Cindy honors and respects me and is gently teaching me to do the same for myself. She is totally supportive and non-judgmental. Most and best of all, she’s giving me the tools to do these things for myself!

    Phone coaching is GREAT!! Not having to travel for my coaching makes it so much easier. I just grab my pad and pen, my cup of tea, and pick up the phone.

    Cindy is a kind, gentle, funny and fabulous coach. I feel blessed every day that I have her in my life. Thank you from the top, bottom and sides of my heart, Cindy!!

    Leigh, Farmer, New Zealand

  • When I began my journey with Cindy I was a lost, broken woman. My marriage had just ended, and life as I knew it was upside down. I could see no way out. I was sick to my stomach with grief, guilt and blame of the breakdown of my life and relationships.

    I jumped right into my coaching sessions with Cindy and never looked back. With Cindy’s gentle guidance, I learned who I am, what I want in life, what led me to the path I was on, and most important of all — I learned how to forgive myself and let go.

    Cindy gave me the tools to let truth, beauty, peace, gratitude and love guide my life. I felt lighter and all the baggage and toxic stuff I had been manifesting in my old life was gone.

    Cindy taught me how to deal with difficult situations. It has been powerful work and I feel continually blessed and grateful each day.

    Coaching with Cindy has changed my life. I changed jobs, met the man of my dreams and moved cities to live the life I had only imagined.

    Kahli Wilson, Teacher, Auckland, New Zealand

  • I just have to email you and say thanks for the guidance, support and brilliant coaching you have given me. Yesterday, I negotiated to sell my business to exactly whom I wanted it to go to and it was relatively stress free.

    The letter you encouraged me to write to the prospective new owners nearly 6 months ago has been instrumental in keeping my mind focused on the outcome and stay out of fear. I almost have to pinch myself to know this is real and that in around a month I will have completely achieved this.

    I have made a decision not to immediately launch into the new business but to take some time out for myself!! I think it is the best gift I can give to myself – I feel liberated, free and full of hope and excitement about the future. Everything just feels so right and as it should be – all in divine order. Thanks Cindy for your part in this huge step in my life!!

    Mandi Bramwell, Occupational Therapist/Life Coach, New Zealand

  • Thank you for an absolutely wonderful session with you this morning! I feel so full of energy, gratitude and hope! My meeting you has truly changed my life. I feel such hope for the future. You are totally amazing and I thank the day you came into my life. Thank you Cindy, for all your wisdom and love!

    Jeanette Juhnestam, Sweden

  • When I first meet Cindy I instantly knew that this was a person I could trust and work with. I made a worthwhile commitment and investment in myself by engaging Cindy’s professional services and support.

    It never took Cindy long to help me identify and address old patterns which created pain, resentment, and drama. Cindy’s approach is quite different than anything else I’ve tried. She has helped me get to the core so that I could heal myself from within. She has given me tools and information to heal my wounds, forgive my past, learn from my experiences, reclaim myself and powerfully move forward in my life.

    Today, I stand in my power, taking full authority for my life. I have created boundaries where necessary and can say “no” and mean it when it’s the best choice for me. Because I have a new and healthier respect for myself, my family now looks to me for leadership. I am far stronger and more confident. My relationship with my partner has shifted too. I feel empowered, in charge and excited about the future!

    Diane Robertson, Hospitality Training and Consulting

  • After many years of stress, fatigue and not taking good care of myself, I met Cindy and started working with her one on one and participating in the retreats she hosts. This has been the beginning of a journey of self discovery and much needed reflection at a level I did not even know existed.

    With Cindy’s help, I know have a set of tools which has set me up to deal with life in a much healthier manner. I have been able to explore my vulnerabilities in a safe, supportive and honest way.

    Getting to know myself, with Cindy's support, has been a life saver - literally - for me. I am eternally grateful.

    Lorna Hughes, Physiotherapist

  • I'm a neophyte to the world of "counseling" and self discovery. The road has been difficult because I feel like I've spent thousands of dollars to be told by a few in the traditional psychotherapeutic profession 'why I am' and 'why I do' but have received little to no assistance in how to move in a healthier direction.

    That was the case until I had just 2 short sessions with Cindy. Her proactive yet gentle approach and ability to guide you to ask and answer the pertinent questions that move you in a healthier direction is uncanny. The results immediate. Cindy's objective insight is remarkable. It is compassionate and authentic and is providing me the foundation necessary to ask myself the right questions and make the choices that guide me to my highest, best, and happiest self. I'm excited to continue this journey with Cindy and am so grateful to have discovered her approach to living a happy, fulfilled, and healthful life.

    Lori Gundersen, Finance Executive, California

  • Before working with Cindy, I had learned from childhood to lock a very bad temper in my mental pressure cooker (until the lid would blow) and was addicted to wallowing in lost love (melodrama). Cindy guided me to insights that led to healing dysfunctional emotional and intellectual patterns and habits.

    Today, I am empowered and clear with a better understanding of why my life was the way it was. I think differently about almost everything. People and things don’t trigger me the way they used to. I don’t get caught up in drama anymore. As I shifted myself within, everything in my life shifted for the better. Cindy’s coaching has changed my life and propelled me in a powerfully positive direction. As I’ve been able to heal and release the pain inside, I feel happier and more at peace. I’m extremely grateful for the impact this work has had on my well-being and on my life.

    James Gosline, Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California

  • WOW! The experience Cindy provided in our group was everything I needed to embark on my “awakening” of ME. Cindy provided us with the safety, the tools, the beauty, the group and other amazing women to share this work with. I now know anything and everything is attainable by bringing the 5th dimension into my life. In our work together, Cindy and everyone in the class became a loving vessel for me to board, so I could powerfully sail forward. Thank you Cindy, for helping me find what I’ve needed all along.

    Gail Powell, Auckland, N.Z.

  • Before I met Cindy, I felt like I was on a tiny raft in swollen, stormy seas. The rip was treacherous, sucking and swelling beneath my flimsy vessel. I thought I might even drown beneath the waves, this powerful force seemingly beyond my control.

    Working with Cindy has been transformative. She gave the tools to work through the heavy guilt and grief I carried and has given me a freedom that is extremely joyful. Working over skype has been a gift to me – I feel comfortable in my own space, and able to connect.

    I now have a job I feel passionate about, a home I love, and a sense that I really can create my own life with a powerful purpose. Working with Cindy has opened my eyes to possibility. Each session leaves me with a sense of elation. While there will always be waves, I ride them with precision, and bask in the sunshine with love singing in my heart when the waters are still.

    Emily Herbert, News Reporter, Australia

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