Mediation is a perfect “medication” for these times of chaos and change. Meditation helps you to feel grounded, calm and connected to your highest Self and beyond. 

With intention and desire, mediation can take you beyond relaxation and into creative generation. From the potent portal of meditation, you can open to receiving messages from your guides, deep healing, protection, manifestation, connection to your multidimensional Self and personal growth. 

All of Cindy’s meditations have been recorded in one take and without scripts. With her gentle and loving voice, Cindy guides you to drop out of your head and into your heart, leaving the chaos of the 3-D world behind and entering into the 5-D world of the “more real” within you and into the expansiveness of the Universe.

Each time you listen, you’ll go deeper and deeper into the “magic” of each meditation. Enjoy journeying with Cindy, as you travel along a beautiful path of love. 

Magical Morning Meditaion

I created the beautiful “Magical Morning Mediation” audio and accompanying guidebook, so you can let go of all thoughts and emotions that are not serving you and feed your soul with a special elixir especially designed to help you as you begin your day.


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The Centre of Your Head Visualization

From a young age, many of us have given our voice and our power over to “well-intentioned” adults in our life. For example, thinking they are ours, we have taken on others beliefs, stories and fears. This can become a trap that continues to keep us stuck in limiting beliefs, lower frequencies and stories. They keep us from creating the love-filled happy life we desire. 
The centre of your head is a platform from which you can re-reclaim your space and recreate your life from. It brings you into your body and allows you to take charge of yourself again. 
When you are navigating life from the centre of your head, you feel grounded, focused, safe and in present time. Allow the centre of your head to become your sanctuary and safe place in everything you do. 

This visualisation will get you started until it becomes a natural “home” for you to navigate your life from. Enjoy!

Future Self Visualization

Future Self Visualization

It can be overwhelming, standing where you are today and looking at your whole life in front of you. What if you could get a glimpse of your future – a glimpse at where you would be, say, twenty years from now? This might give you just the clarity you need to feel more confident and capable with your next steps moving forward. Maybe even some information on how to get there.
Sometimes referred to as your “Higher Self”, your Future Self is the wise one within you. The part of you that doesn’t care about doing things “right” or worrying about what other people would think.
I invite you to meet your Future Self in this short visualization and see what wisdom they have to give you. Open your mind and heart to a future you…one who can look back with wisdom and compassion and help guide you today.

Grounding Cord Meditation

Set your grounding cord and allow all thoughts and emotions that are not serving you for your highest or best good, to be siphoned out of your body and down your grounding cord. Enjoy!

Embracing Your Inner Child And Adolescent

I created this beautiful visualization audio and accompanying guidebook with transformational exercises so that you can learn how you can give yourself the very things you’ve been longing for and looking for from others. Things like joy, connection, caring, nurturing, respect, intimacy, safety and security are all waiting for you within this beautiful visualization.

Heart Opening Meditation

Allow this beautiful guided meditation to open your heart to love. This love is within you. This love is your birthright and can never be taken away. Allow it to penetrate into your cells and envelope all around you. And at the perfect time, you will be invited to ask for guidance and encouraged to listen for the messages that come to you. Enjoy!

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