How are you navigating the chaos of this changing world? For many of us, it’s an intense time. Would you agree? Follow my 9 steps into feeling free to experience more joy in your life.

As a planet, we are all shifting into higher states of consciousness…from a world of domination, fear and control to one of self-responsibility, freedom and working together. 

It’s exciting, and transition can be uncomfortable and chaotic. It can trigger fear and anxiety that can keep us playing safe and small.

If you allow your head to give in to the fear of the “what ifs”, you can spiral down into more worry, fear and limiting beliefs about yourself and your future.

There has never been a more important and powerful time to do your inner work. 

For years I’ve taught when and how to drop out of your head (where you’re limiting, fear-driven beliefs can keep you playing safe and small) and into your heart, to connect to the more intuitive, responsible, loving, wise and courageous soul inside you.

It’s easier to listen to the limiting beliefs of your ego because they are loud, familiar and in doing so, feel safe. 

Your inner guidance is subtle, yet powerful in its message if you know how to listen to it. It’s calling you forth every day. The key is to take the time to focus and listen to its message. 

I promise you, there is no mistake you are here during this time in history. Your soul said, “Send me”. You have a role in this process. 

Do you understand your role in this great awakening that is happening around you today? 

feeling free

The first step is to shift yourself into this higher state of consciousness.

Below are nine tools to courageously step into empowerment during these changing times:

1. Become a conscious observer of yourself. 

Notice your limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are keeping you stuck playing small, fearful and giving your power over. You know these familiar patterns in your life.

Examples of these are worrying about what people will think, doubting yourself, negative self-talk, reacting out of fear and waiting to be told what to do. I refer to these as “Blind Spots”. You can take my Blind Spot Quiz here.

Feel into the resonance within you. Doing things for the wrong reason will feel heavy, tight and not quite right. 

Recognise when you are giving your power over out of fear, playing small (and safe) and feeling stuck.

Acknowledge the impact this is having on you. Acknowledge how it’s keeping you in doubt, unfulfilled and feeling powerless.

Forgive yourself. Take a big breath and come back to a neutral place. Breathe and open to a more soft and expanded place in your body.

2. Get clear with the future you desire. 

Imagine living this expansive future life and open to the feelings of being there.

3. Let go of needing to know all the details. 

You don’t need to know how it’s going to happen. Just FEEL the feelings of freedom, abundance and flow, for example. Ask, “What’s my next step?” Then listen for your answer from within you. Allow things to unfold and come to you, one baby step at a time. 

4. Get curious. 

A few questions to ask yourself are: What do I know to be true that I haven’t been listening to? What am I here to do during this time? What’s my next baby step to get me from where I am today to where I want to be? What would my courageous self do in this moment? Where am I playing small? What feels heavy within me?

5. Follow your inner guidance. 

Learn to listen to the quiet, small voice within. Often it’s a feeling. Your intuition is POWERFUL and it’s guiding you every day. The key is to listen and follow its guidance. Its voice is more subtle than the voice of your ego. It takes practice to hear it. Listen and feel into its wisdom.

6. Ask for guidance and signs from friends, both seen and unseen. 

You are never alone. Call upon your higher self and your unseen friends. If it feels right, get support from a mentor or join a community of others.

7. Spend time alone in solitude. 

Write down what comes through you in a journal. Spend time in nature. Breath deeply. Feel deeply. Meditate.  Listen and receive.

8. Trust in the process. 

Remember, the whole world is in transition and the future holds many possibilities. Feel into expansive possibilities and claim your desired future, both for yourself and for your loved ones.

Remember: don’t attach yourself to how it will happen. Tap into your inner truth and knowledge. Trust your inner guidance and what it is telling you. Watch for signs, people and information coming to you. Then, act upon it.

9. Have compassion for yourself and others. 

Be gentle, patient and loving toward yourself and others. We are all doing the best we know how to in each moment. Smile at a stranger. Thank the clerk who is helping you. You don’t need to agree with someone to be compassionate and kind.

If you are feeling stuck, fearful, dissonant or apprehensive, I encourage you to take a courageous step in this new direction from a place of self-empowerment and self-love. Listen and act upon the messages from your soul. 

Once you do, you’ll feel the freedom that taking personal responsibility from this higher state of consciousness can give you. It’s expansive, exhilarating and exciting! Remember, this is why you chose to be here today.

Now is the time to listen to and follow your heart instead of the small, safe, fearful voice in your head. Can you notice the difference? 

Listen to your Soul’s calling. Then, act upon it. One baby step at a time. Then, do it again. And again.

You’ve got this. The time is now. Spread your wings and fly.

I’m Cindy Powers Prosor. Intuitive Alchemist. Heart Mentor. Lover of Life. 

When you open the doors within, instead of searching outside of you, you’ll have the power, love, freedom and fulfillment you always knew were possible.

May I help you? You can book your Breakthrough Session with me here.

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