Do you allow your accomplishments and possessions to define how successful you are? 

When asked “How your day?”, is your immediate response, “Busy!”?

If you are not accomplishing something, do you feel guilty or like you’re waisting time?

How easy is it for you to stop your busy-ness to rest and play? What would you do with an empty hour?

In today’s world, it’s easy to get caught up with to-do lists and taking care of family and work. Before you hit the exhaustion and martyrdom point, I suggest you regularly take moments to refill yourself.

When we insert a pause during our day, we connect to solitude, to our soul and to our our inner world. This is what I often refer to as “the more real” of who we are.

In “the more real”, we are able to hear and see things, deep and meaningful things, that connect us to what matters most. From this place, we are able to see life from a higher perspective. We see more choices, and light is shined upon ideas and things we would never have seen from our narrow, constricted and busy world.

Try this now: 
Put everything down for a moment. Close your eyes and take five to ten long, deep belly breathes.

With each inhale, breath into your heart, opening and expanding to receive whatever you need in this moment. This could be feelings of love, inner peace, answers to a question or solutions to a problem. With each exhale, release any stress, tension, negative thinking or emotions you may be holding in your body and mind. Let it all go with the exhale.

Continue this process for at least five big breathes.

At the end of your breathes, remain still for a few minutes. In this stillness, notice how your body feels. Can you feel a slight buzzing within? Notice what you hear.

Be open to receiving messages that can only be heard in the stillness. Be still and allow ideas and answers to come to you.

Stay here for as long as you desire. And smile. 


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