You’ve been on my mind as I’ve been going through my week. I hope you are healthy, safe and feeling loved. The focus of this note today is to ask, how often do you acknowledge yourself with gratitude and love for all that you do and “be” during this tumultuous time of change in the world? 

In particular, how do you speak to yourself and others throughout your day? 

How much patience, compassion and kindness are you giving yourself and others each day? How easy is it to forgive? 

Do you speak to yourself the same way you want others to speak to you?

Do you speak of a future you desire or one you dread? 

If people really understood the power of the spoken word, all conversation would stop until they re-learned how to talk.

Every word you speak is giving a direct message to the Universe. Remember the phrase, “You must be careful about what you wish for”.  

Do you give a positive message to the Universe with your words? 

What you say to yourself is a form of a request to the Universe. Your words matter more than you may realize. 

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Each word carries your vibration, energy and authority. The Universe will match your vibration, whether you are conscious of what you are saying or not. 

How do you think your words and thoughts impact your self-esteem and your future?

Most of us habitually and automatically use words and phrases as we go through our life. What words and phrases do you automatically say? Are you giving the Universe messages of where you want to go or where you don’t want to go?

Some common words and statements I hear people use on a regular basis are:

I am dying for a…(piece of chocolate).

I am worried about…

It doesn’t get better than this. 

I’m so stupid!

I’m pathetic.

I can’t afford to…

I never have enough money.

I am fat.

Nothing seems to work out for me.

I’m ready for ______ (something you don’t want to happen) in the future.

I’m afraid of ______ happening.

Life is hard.

No one understands me.

I am so old.

I hate…

I will never get this right.

I am nobody.

How do you speak to yourself and to others? Are you critical and judgemental, or nurturing, compassionate and forgiving? 

Speak to yourself the way you would want someone to speak to you. 

Remember, each word and sentence has an energetic resonance. The Universe matches your energetic resonance. 

Your statements, both conscious or unconscious, are a request to the Universe. 

Do you focus upon what you fear, feeling heavy and powerless? Never say or focus upon anything you don’t want to come true. 

Kindness, patience, hope, acceptance, compassion and love are more important today than ever. First for yourself, then for others. Be the light in the world today.

Take a moment now and think about what words you might automatically use throughout your day? Do you use words to express your worries about the future or to beat yourself for the past? Notice.

I invite you to use words and feelings of gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, celebration and love in each present moment.

Because it matters.

How easy is this for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I promise to respond to every comment. 

Do you look happy and successful on the outside yet on the inside you feel frustrated, lost and alone? When you open the doors within instead of searching outside of you, you’ll have the power, love, and fulfillment you always knew were possible.

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