The moon and I have a special relationship when it’s waning. It quietly wakes me, just as it’s rising above the water during the wee hours of the morning. 

I can hear it’s whisper, asking me to open my eyes, inviting me to delight in it’s early morning pleasure. And I do.

This Wednesday morning, I opened my eyes around 2:20am and there she was. 

Because we have no electronics in our bedroom, I usually don’t capture these enchanting moments. However, this morning was different. 

As Larry was reentering the coziness of our bed, I asked him to indulge me by bringing me my phone. 

And this time, our magic moment was captured. Can you feel it?

Invite magic

That same day after lunch, I was laying on my back with my eyes closed, basking in the sunshine and beauty of the warm autumnal day. I was feeling safe, centred and connected. 

As I opened my eyes, I saw very tiny, glittering “crystals” falling down from above and all around me. I just laid there embracing the moment…breathing it in and experiencing the beauty, magic and enchantment. Pure bliss.

We and earth are shifting to a more crystalline energy. The sun and moon are more intense and the veils are thin. Frequencies are now interacting with your body in a new way.

What might be happening within and around you? What magic is trying to come to you and through you?

Magical moments are available always, however now they are more potent than ever.

Invite them in. Ask to be supported. Ask them to be revealed. Be present during your days and be open to receiving them. 

Magic and miracles go hand-in-hand…you just have to believe to receive. Instead of being afraid of the unknown, I invite you to create from joy. 

What beautiful change is trying to be birthed through you? It’s time!

This weekend, be especially intentional. Allow whatever wants to be released to go. Allow whatever wants to breakthrough to be present within you. 

See the beauty that you are. 

Look all around you like a child in wonder and awe. Let it fill your heart with joy and see what magic you can create from this place.

I’m Cindy Powers Prosor. Intuitive Alchemist. Heart Mentor. Lover of Life.

Are you ready to create the life you long for?

Connect to the wisdom and power within you. Only here will you find the lasting fulfillment and love that your searching and striving can never give you.

May I be your guide?

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