I’m about to board a plane for my 24-hour journey and annual visit to reunite with family in the U.S. for three months. I’m excited and I didn’t want this week to pass by without helping you harness the energy of July. 

Today is a Full-Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse day. It’s POWERFUL energy! In fact, the whole month of July has been powerful in so many ways! Can you feel it?

Have you been feeling uncomfortable? Edgy? Triggered for little or no reason?

I’ve noticed the last two weeks have been uncomfortable for many. Not only for me but maybe for you too. I’ve had people reach out all month saying they don’t know what to do with the unexplained heaviness in their bodies and in their hearts.

Have you been processing feelings of fear, dread, or sadness, yet not necessarily understanding where they are coming from?

Have you been feeling especially tired or spent? People I have spoken to report feelings of dizziness, headaches, and brain fog for no apparent reason.

We are in times of BIG change.

We as a planet are in a huge transition. We are in the process of a planetary upgrade or shift. This shift is being referred to as moving from 3-D into 5-D. We are all shifting…our beautiful earth and all that lives upon her. Including you and me. 

Let me explain.

The Schumann Resonance measures the electromagnetic resonance of Earth. It is often referred to as Earth’s pulse or heartbeat. For decades, its base frequency has measured 7.83 Hz. This is the 3-D resonance. 

We humans have matched the earth’s base frequency. Human’s heartbeat matches Earth’s heartbeat. We are one.

Over the past several months, the earth has been experiencing vibrational spikes and peaks…peaks of up to 120Hz! Over time, the earth is creating a new, higher, faster “normal” 5-D resonance, predicted to be between 20-30Hz..  

This is an indicator we humans are also going through an upgrade. We too are raising our resonance. 

We are currently experiencing two power-filled eclipses, six planets in retrograde and incoming plasma ascension waves (light codes). Rapid evolution is occurring now and with it comes turbulence!

We, like the earth, are electromagnetic beings. Our thoughts are electric and our emotions are magnetic. We have heavier, denser emotions such as fear, shame, hurt, blame, and loneliness and  lighter more expansive emotions such as happiness, hope, trust, joy and love. Depending on the emotion we’re feeling, we feel heavier or lighter in our body.

Due to the naturally occurring shifts happening on the planet today, we are all deep-diving into unconscious patterns, memories and core-wounds from the past.  They are coming to the surface to be felt and released from our body. This is happening to allow more light to enter our cells. 

 To do this, we need to release and purge our denser energies. These dense energies include thoughts and emotions such as anger, rage, loneliness, hopelessness and despair. Fear, worry, jealousy, abandonment, betrayal, and guilt to name a few. These all must be courageously felt and released to raise our vibration to more light.

The key to doing this is to not get hooked into past stories connected to these heavier emotions. For example, stories and feelings of life not being fair will only reinforce and deepen our feelings of life not being fair. The same goes with feelings of abandonment and betrayal or the need to be perfect and so on. 

Allow the purifying fires of these ascending light waves help you burn these heavier emotions away.  

Compassionately allow yourself to stop the dialog, detach from the story, take a deep breath and courageously feel and release these heavy and constricting emotions. 

A few ways to do this are in mediation, dance, yoga, movement, being with your breath, and being in nature. Feel and release. Keep breathing and feeling and breathing and feeling and (crying and screaming) and releasing. 

As you do this, you will begin to feel lighter and more expansive. You will begin to feel uplifts of higher, lighter feelings of expanded love and joy. 

Move into your heart while you are feeling this pain. Love yourself for being in this transition. Put your arms around yourself and give yourself some love. There is freedom here! 

When we feel and release the denseness in our body,  the more effortless our transitions will be and the more light can enter into us. These unpleasant symptoms will pass as your vibration continues to rise. We are releasing energy blockages we have been carrying around for lifetimes. 

Watch for the EGOS lies.

Don’t allow your ego to tell you this is not yours. There are very few people who are not going to experience this uncomfortable transition, including you and me. 

Think of this as a sort of giving birth. We are allowing the old energies to pass out the birth canal to make room for these new expansive, less denser energies to be let in. Let the past go and embrace the person you came here to be. 

We are living in unprecedented times. Unnecessary fear and its feelings of separation will not be able to survive in this new 5-D reality. 

As you flow through and embrace the freedom to expand, know your thoughts and desires are manifesting at rapid speeds. Today is the perfect day to reset yourself, heal old wounds and embrace the new you. See and feel the positive results flood in. Spend some time today getting clear with the changes you want to make in the remainder of this year and see it happening. Let it go and let it flow!

What are you feeling during today’s changing times? Do you have questions? I’d love to know. Comment below.

Or reach out to me personally at [email protected].

Next time, I’ll be coming to you from the other side of this big, beautiful and shifting planet we call home.

Please share your experience and thoughts with me below. Thanks!

P.S. Are you looking for clarity, change and support in today’s shifting world? It is my passion and purpose to help you become aware and let go of tolerations that are dragging you down. Let me help you shift to the next level of your amazing life. Please reach out. Xo

P.P.S. Thanks for hanging in here to the end of this blog. This is important stuff. 

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