The other night I was texting a friend when she asked me if I was going to be visiting my family in the U.S. this year and if so, when? Here’s how the conversation unfolded.

After feeling into the questions for a second I replied, “ It’s our intention to go in July. However, we are unattached to that as things unfold. We don’t know what July will bring. It’s an interesting year filled with unknowns. And possibilities.”

She immediately stopped texting and rang me, saying this conversation was much richer than could be written into a text. She wanted to know more about what I meant by “possibilities”. 

Like many, she had been engaging in fear-based limitations, worries and “what ifs”.

my conversation with a friend

2021 is a year of uncertainty

There is much opportunity for change. Yet, does uncertainty have to be frustrating or scary? 

We could spin in worry, fear and worst-case scenarios. How does that feel in your body? 

What would it be like to focus on possibilities and opportunities for positive growth and change instead? It feels lighter and more expansive.

In my situation, I could travel in July as usual or, like what happened for us last year, a random and perfect opportunity could easily open wide up for us to go at a different time. 

Who knows? Maybe our family will come to New Zealand instead? Or, maybe we meet half-way in Hawaii? Maybe we are not meant to travel at all. 

We cannot control what is going on in the world (or in our life) today. We can however control how we respond to what is going on today. By consciously responding from a place of trust, we open up to a “magical world” of possibilities and opportunities that our minds cannot yet see. 

Every day I trust in a positive future and stay open to creating and receiving possibilities and opportunities that are coming my way. 

There is a Universal law based on energy called the Law of Attraction

It states, “What you give attention to, the Universe will match it.”

You are an energetic being. Your energy is created by your thoughts and feelings. The Universe is always receiving your energy (that’s created by your thoughts and feelings) and responding to it by giving you an energetic match.  

Let’s face it, it’s easy to get caught up in the 3-D world around us and get triggered with worst-case scenarios filled with fear, worry and doubt. 

The first step to changing that is to recognize it. Only when we recognize something can we turn it around. 

What do you focus upon?

Do you see a scary world or one filled with possibilities for positive change? 

The choice is always there. I invite you to notice…because it matters.

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I remember when we were struggling to buy a house. I told you we could not find a house because everything was so expensive. You said I was probably right since I had made up my mind I wouldn’t be able to afford one. Then, after our coaching session, we bought the house I am in now, for exactly the amount we could afford!

You are an inspiration Cindy, and I am forever grateful for meeting and working with you.” Jeanette, Sweden   

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