Think of a time when you feared, struggled, worried, or doubted your way through something in your life. Maybe it was around money, being liked or getting a job. How did that feel in your body? For me, it brings up memories of feeling heavy, tight in my tummy, constricted in my head and shoulders and feelings of being afraid, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Now, think of a time in your life when you just knew things would work out and come together. A time of confidence, trust, ease, possibilities and opportunities. A time when you knew things would come together for you. How did that feel in your body? Chances are it felt light, expansive, empowering, hopeful and exciting.

When you trust and open your heart to receiving, just like magic, people and opportunities show up at just the perfect time.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, although maybe you hadn’t put into words.

Thinking back on what you did, most likely at a subconscious level you:

  • Felt into what you desired…you knew what it was going to feel like when you got there.
  • Trusted in a positive outcome, and
  • Expected this or something better to happen.

And it did.

It’s what you FEEL that is the signal to the Universe. And your feelings are connected to your beliefs.

What do you believe?

If you believe much of life is hard or you must struggle to make things happen…like in work, money, weight loss, happiness, or love…notice how that feels in your body. If you fear the worst or worry things won’t go well, you are actually shutting out opportunities that could otherwise come your way.

Instead of shutting out life through fear, worry and negative beliefs, expand into TRUST and allow the Universe to meet you there. Let go of the need to worry or control the details of the who, when, how or what, and get ready to receive.

When you do, almost like magic, people and opportunities will show up in your life. You’ll know when it arrives because of how it feels.

Just notice.

Chances are, your fears and beliefs have become a habit. And the first thing to do to change a habit is to recognise it.

This week, s-l-o-w things down and NOTICE. Stay curious. Notice your thoughts, beliefs and fears and how they feel in your body. And how the world responds (or doesn’t respond) to you.

It’s the first step most powerful step to changing it.

And if you are consciously creating your “reality” with your conscious beliefs, thoughts and feelings, celebrate that and allow this to expand in your life!

Here’s a short video I did on my walk today, sharing how Larry and I found our latest home on the sea. Actually, we let our home find US. It’s a fun story.






Please share your experience and thoughts with me below. Thanks! 


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