I mentioned in January, that 2020 was opening the door to BIG CHANGES for each of us and for the entire planet. We are being reset. Have you had your seatbelt fastened?  Chaos always precedes change and change is uncomfortable. How are you handling all of this? This weekend, on June 20 in the Northern hemisphere and June 21 in the Southern hemisphere, there is a New Moon, Solstice and the annular ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse. This weekend we usher in a whole new level of light, love and unity consciousness. 

What Does That Mean?

Firstly, the Moon will almost totally block the face of the Sun, just leaving an outer edge or ‘ring of fire’ visible. It will be visible from much of Asia, Northern Australia, much of Africa and the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. However, the entire globe will feel the effects of this BIG solar eclipse.

A keyword for this time is BALANCE…feminine and masculine, head and heart, dark and light, being and doing, spirituality and personality. For centuries, we have been living in a patriarchal world where masculine energy ruled. 2020 opened the door to receiving more feminine (YIN) energy. Can you feel it?

This is also a time for taking full ownership of your personal power. A time for taking full personal responsibility for yourself. No more playing victim or the blame game. It is not up to anyone or anything outside of you to rescue you or make you feel “good” (loved, happy, safe, successful, for example). This is a time for you to make conscious choices for living your most authentic and fulfilling life. It’s all up to you. 

New Life Opportunities In 2020

2020 is opening a doorway of new life opportunities for you. Many of us are questioning our past choices and the lack of fulfillment they have created in our life. Are you 100% happy with your career, relationships and health, for example? What have you been tolerating? What are you noticing? 

2020 is ushering out this old way of being and shining the light upon your greatest desires. Hopefully, you have been receiving subtle signs over the last several months, pointing you to your highest potential…a potential that honours you and your values. One that may be a little scary, yet also exciting!

2020 is dropping a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow and it’s most important now to pay attention to the messages, the whispers…the signs being revealed to you. 

Listen. Feel. Drop out of your head and into your heart space. Take action from here.

Below Are Nine Things You Can Do Right Away:

1. Spend time being quiet. Go within. Listen. Feel. This could be time alone in nature. Ask for and receive the messages and wisdom from your Intuitive Self, Soul, and Higher Self.

2. Slow things down and internally explore your life today. What have you been tolerating? What are you ready to learn from and release? This is where writing in a journal can be helpful. Sit down, and even if you don’t know where to begin, start by writing, “I don’t know where to begin but I am exploring my tolerations and everything I want to let go of that is keeping me stuck in my life.” Explore the values you have not been honouring and have left you feeling dissonant, empty and alone? Allow your words to fall out of you and onto the pages. 

3. How do you want to FEEL 6 months from now? Once you’ve gotten clear with what you are shifting and releasing, spend time focusing on your desires and intentions. Look at the different areas of your life…your relationship, career, health and environment, for example. What would it be like to do work or have a relationship you are passionate about? You don’t need to know the details…what you are doing when it’s going to happen, how you’re going to get there, where you’re going to be or who is in your future. It’s the feeling you are after more than the form here. Allow space for magic to happen!

4. Engage your imagination. Spend time each day nourishing this ‘new you’ with your active imagination. Like a motion picture, BE and FEEL into this desired life as if it’s already happening.

5. Stay awake. Continue to address all sabotaging beliefs, fears, habits and stories when they appear. Recognize and let them go. Give attention to what you WANT, not to what you don’t want.

6. Ask for help from friends, both seen and unseen. Follow the breadcrumbs. Look for signs all around you, confirming you are on the right path. Follow your intuition and inner guidance.

7. Watch your words. Use positive words and statements when speaking.  

8. Keep your deepest and dearest wishes and projects close to your heart. Don’t share your intentions with anyone who doesn’t want the absolute best for you.

9. Be committed! Commit to this new you and to your new life. Act like it’s already happening. Walk your talk and take consistent action every day. Focus daily on your intended future and TRUST in, “This or something better with harm to none”. And so it is.

This is a year of AWAKENING.

The fog is lifting. Clarity is on its way.

Patience, self-compassion and self-love are key. Move forward daily, one step at a time and TRUST in the process. 

You are meant to be here during these powerful and changing times. You said, “Send me”, and here you are, my magnificent friend. Shine bright! See the light. Be the light. Receive the light! 

Work With Me

I’ve been a Professional, Certified Co-Active Coach for almost 20 years and I’ve been professionally teaching and supporting families, and individuals for over 45 years. Coaching is my Superpower. 

This is a powerful time to work with a professional coach. If you’re drawn to work with me, I invite you to reach out by booking a Breakthrough Session. 

A Breakthrough Session is a 75-minute session where together I shine the light on your Blindspots…all the ways you’ve been holding yourself back from creating the purposeful, passionate life you are meant to live in this lifetime.

It is my mission and my passion to assist as many people as possible during this turbulent time of transition. With so much chaos and change happening today, this is an important time to stay connected and feel supported. I’m here for you.  

I invite you also to join my new Private Facebook Group, Opening Doors. Opening Doors is a place to connect and create community. It’s a place to learn and share information. But even more, Opening Doors is a way of Being.

So, what are you going to do during this powerful time of Awakening? Please share it with us in the comments below. I love hearing your stories.

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