Have you noticed there is a lot of emotional turbulence happening in the world today? 

There is so much change and uncertainty, and that’s creating chaos. Many souls are going home at this time. Not all of us are meant to be here during these awakening times of change.

In my present life, I am witnessing multiple family and friends dying, major fires raging, fearful accusations being shouted, and extreme judgment and unjust decisions being made, putting people I love in uncomfortable (and possibly unsafe) situations.

How do I navigate through this kind of chaos, especially when it involves close family and friends?


Below are four keys I practice and teach for emotional freedom:

1. Feel all of your “clean” emotions. 

Clean emotions have no story attached to them. They are just a feeling within you. After feeling clean emotions, they are able to be released from your body. When released, you feel lighter and more expansive. Allow these clean emotions to come to you and travel through you.

Feel and release your heavier emotions such as sadness and anger.  As you feel them you allow them to be released from your body. This happens with a good cry, yelling into a pillow, or going for a run, for example.

Feel and expand the lighter emotions such as gratitude and love. You do this by focusing on and celebrating what is going well in your life. Celebrate what you are grateful for and allow it to create more things for you to be grateful for!

2. Know the difference between “clean” emotions and “toxic” emotions. 

Toxic emotions have dialog or an outside story attached to them. Victim, blame, pity, worry and jealousy are examples of toxic emotions. They cannot survive without a story and dialog. 

For example, “It’s not fair”, “Why does this always happen to me?”, “It’s all your fault”, “You made me do it”, are dialogues connected to toxic emotions.  This dialog keeps you stuck in the story and like a continuous loop, the story creates more toxic emotions which feed the story and so forth. 

The story is attached to something or someone (happening or not happening) outside of you. The story keeps you in blame, victim and jealousy, for example. Because they are attached to someone or something outside of yourself, you cannot control it so it becomes frustrating. There is no freedom here. 

3. Take 100% responsibility for what you are feeling. 

Remember, no one can make you feel a certain way.  However, they can trigger feelings inside of you. Your emotions are yours. Don’t judge them. Don’t deny them, numb them out or try to make them go away. Invite them to show themselves. Be present with them. Notice where you feel them in your body. Thank your body for sharing this information with you through your feelings so you can shift and change. This is the way to inner peace, joy and freedom.  

4. Be present and patient with this process. 

Don’t try to hurry this along. Having unconditional love and compassion for yourself every day, all day, is key. Spend quiet time alone. S-l-o-w things down, be curious and feel. Notice when you get triggered and PAUSE. When you are in an uncomfortable emotion, remember “This too shall pass”. Feel and release sadness and anger, so you can expand into optimism, gratitude and love.

Continue to explore your emotions with patience, curiosity and compassion. As you do, you’ll uncover and discover more about yourself. This is how you heal and grow. This is self-love.

This has been just a tiny taste of what I teach my clients about the power of emotions in my coaching programs. Would you like support navigating your beautiful life? I invite you to book a Breakthrough Session with me.  Book your Breakthrough Session here.

I LOVE hearing from my clients. Here’s what Annable wrote me recently: 

“Thank you Cindy, for all your love and support. Thank you for being my guiding light, when the road gets dark and the potholes are more difficult for me to see. Thank you for waking me up when I fall asleep, for reminding me about kindness, compassion and opening my heart, for helping me to love and comfort myself, and for so much more! I am very grateful for our sessions together.”

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