As I wind down my three month “love-fest” in Northern California reuniting with family and friends at our lakeside cottage, I am reminded abundance comes in many forms.

It’s easy to get caught up with “shoulds” and long lists of “to-dos”, yet to live a fulfilling and abundant life, honouring your values and living from your heart is key.

In the past, I spent time searching for my life purpose. What am I meant to do in the world? Shouldn’t I be busy creating a big business, acquiring possessions or other forms of “success”?

Even today as I relax by the lake enjoying time with family and friends, I can find myself occasionally getting caught up comparing myself to others, thinking I should be working harder on goal-based achievements to make more of myself and my time here on earth.

Yet, when I stop and drop out of my head and into my heart, I am reminded of what a life of true purpose, fulfillment and abundance means to me…

Time spent with loved-ones. The beauty and enchantment of nature. Making and sharing a meal with my beloved. Enjoying a good book. Watching my daughter mother her son. Visiting my parents. Helping a friend. A cosy fire on a cold day. The sunrise from my bed. A hug. Living between two beautiful countries. Leading a retreat or coaching a client toward more fulfillment and inner peace.

Where might you be confusing life purpose and abundance with fleeting goal-based achievements?

Do you strive to acquire or accomplish in the hope of feeling successful and fulfilled, yet are left feeling hollow and thinking “Is this all there is…”?

Do you feel guilty taking time to just be?

How might you be caught up in the illusion that success, abundance and love are something to earn, perform or strive for?

I believe, when you follow your heart, honour your values and act from kindness, compassion and love, you align yourself with your true life purpose and create a fulfilling and abundant life.

What about you? What creates abundance in your life? How might you be sabotaging your inner peace and feelings of fulfillment?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Comment below or you can send me an email [email protected].


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