I’m happy to say, after three l-o-n-g months of focusing on me, I’m back reconnecting to you again.

Most of you know by now I had a fall in late December and fractured my left hip ball. That’s a big bone to break! Because of the location and risk of not getting enough blood flow to the broken piece, most doctors and surgeons recommended a full hip replacement.

But not my surgeon. After looking at my lifestyle, mindset and healthy body prior to my fall, he encouraged me to do what I could to keep my original hip.

Three months later, I was told my hip has completely recovered and I can walk again on my original hip bone. YAY!

Many people have asked me how I was able to pull this off. Below are a few components I know helped:

  1. I never felt like a victim to this accident. I knew this didn’t happen to me, it happened for me…to learn and grow myself.
  2. I consciously responded vs reacted. In my younger years, I may have gotten triggered and reacted in anger, fear, self-pity, worry or doubt. Instead, I consciously responded by being aware of my choices. I made conscious choices that felt empowering and inspired a positive outcome.
  3. I allowed myself to feel all of my emotions. When the results of my first x-ray showed the full fracture, I initially felt sad. Sadness for the impact this accident would have on my beautiful husband Larry. As I held forgiveness and compassion for myself, the sadness lifted and I shifted into an incredible amount of gratitude for the care I was getting at the hospital, my doctors, my friends and from my amazing husband.
  4. I was a good patient. I researched what I could do to heal myself, I used crutches and stopped all weight bearing activities on my left leg/hip for the full three months and
  5. I took an assortment of supplements and foods that focused on the knitting, building and strengthening of bones.
  6. I got clear with the positive outcome I desired and actively imagined living and feeling into that desired future. I let go of all attachment to the details and trusted in a positive outcome thinking this or something better with harm to none.
  7. I had a small group of close friends whom I could talk to and who regularly focused on my desired outcome with me.

Life is filled with challenges. Being human can suck sometimes. To keep it real, I’ve created a list of questions for you to ponder:

How easy is it for me to consciously respond vs react when I’m triggered?

Am I able to feel my wide range of emotions without creating a fearful story or belief?

How easy is it for me to forgive or have compassion for myself?

How often do I allow myself to dream and spend time feeling into my desired future in my imagination?

You have multiple possible futures that are available to you at any time. Spend time co-creating with the Universe by meditating and feeling into your desired outcome without attachment to a specific outcome.

Make conscious choices and take inspired action for an authentic and fulfilling life. 

With much love,

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