Have you noticed there are two distinct energy waves occurring today? 

One high-vibe energy wave is attracting and awakening a certain group of souls who are ready to take their lives to the next, conscious level of awareness. 

The second energy wave is attracting another group of people who are still connected only to their 3-D reality and are not interested in learning how to enhance or create their life from the inside out. 

This first group of people understands the discomfort and chaos of transition and change. This group sees what is happening in the world today as an opportunity to expand their awareness and shine the light on the domination, corruption, greed, mind control and manipulation that is being unveiled. 


They are ready to challenge the agenda that is being fed to them by taking personal responsibility for their choices, and the impact of their choices. This group is connecting to and following their intuitive guidance from within. This group is claiming its power from within.  

The second group of people is attached to something or someone outside of themselves to feel safe. They are committed to staying in the programmed world, looking for and obeying an outside authority to continue to tell them what to be, think and do. 

This second group of people lives from fear, victim, control and compliance. They conform to feel safe and avoid challenging the status quo, in fear of losing freedoms, being “wrong” or being judged by others. 

Please be aware I am not judging either way of living or telling you what to do. There is no right or wrong, better or worse way to live life. However, you do have a choice.

It takes courage to know and speak your truth. Plus, it takes courage to challenge authority, go against the status quo or what you are familiar with and take personal responsibility for yourself. 

It is no mistake you are here during this time of change. The purpose of what we are going through today is for us to wake up and reclaim, both our power and our sovereignty. 

When you create your life from the inside out, you get to know yourself in an intimate way. You get to know YOUR worth and your truth regardless of what anyone else tells you or whatever is going on in the world around you.

It’s time to learn to be there for yourself in all the ways you have hoped others would be there for you. It’s time for YOU to become the authority and the creator of your life. 

This is the way toward more freedom, joy and love. This is ascension. 

Many have termed this time in history as The Great Awakening. This is happening for all of us to wake up and see beyond the smokescreen that has been keeping us playing small and fearful for thousands of years. 

Which wave are you being called to ride? 

I know my choice, and I’m committed to helping those of you who are ready and willing to do the work within yourself. I am here to help you find more faith, joy, freedom and a deeper connection within yourself and with others. 

What is the future you desire? Do you want to live in a world of domination and fear or in a world of freedom and sovereignty? You get to choose your future. 

If you choose sovereignty, you do this by standing in your power. You do this by setting strong boundaries. You do this by drawing a line in the sand and saying, “No!”, to anything you do not want to happen today or in your future…to you, to your children or to your grandchildren.

Remember this: the power is always within you, not within the dominating powers around you. Unless YOU continue to give it to them.

The world is going through dramatic change. We are being pushed like never before and this push will get stronger as we stand strong. 

This is not happening to us. It is happening FOR us. This is happening for us to reclaim our own power, however, that looks for each of one us. 

If you are ready, I’m here to help you find the courage to stand in your truth, rise above fear, take back your power, reclaim your freedom and become the sovereign person you are, no matter what is going on in your life today. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts around what I have shared here. How are you navigating in today’s chaotic world of change? I invite you to add a comment below. 

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