Did you know, your triggers are actually trying to show you a way toward a happier life?

A trigger is a “knee jerk” reaction to something someone says or does to you. When you receive a trigger, notice how you automatically react by projecting whatever you feel back onto the person who triggered you. 

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For example, someone fails to notice you as you walk into the room. You immediately experience feelings of hurt and rejection. Or, you feel disrespected. 

Or, your boss criticizes your work and it triggers feelings of unworthiness. You react by defending yourself. Or, you turn on the “turbo jets” and try to prove your worth by working harder.

You see, it’s not the other person or thing that creates the feeling inside you. They only said or did something that triggered a feeling that was already there.

The trigger is showing you a trauma, belief or fear inside you that is waiting for you to address and heal.

Instead of becoming a victim of the trigger, I invite you to get curious. 

What trauma from your past is coming to the surface that you need to feel and heal? What is asking for some attention? 

It could be feelings of abandonment, rejection or betrayal. Or, some sort of unhealed shame or pain.

Usually, this trauma happened when you were much younger. Therefore, feel into the feelings and remember the first time you felt this way. How old were you? What happened to create this wound? What did someone say or do to you that created this pain or shame? 

Although you are not physically that young child or adolescent anymore, energetically this younger part is still very much alive inside you. 

That wounded child or adolescent is a part of the synergy of energy that makes you the adult you are today. This is the part of you that’s getting triggered and is subconsciously reacting. 

As you feel into this old wound and it’s pain, imagine how old you are. Allow the nurturing parent in you to hold this younger part of you with tenderness, love and compassion. 

As you feel and release these imprisoning/constricting emotions, you are able to feel and expand into the wholeness of who you are.

And, as you are able to feel and expand into the wholeness of who you are, you expand into the vibration of love.

It’s not too late to heal the trauma you received in the past. Consciously set an intention for your triggers to show you the unhealed trauma within. 

Learn to tenderly and compassionately be there for yourself, in all the ways you have wanted others to be there for you. 

This is the ultimate gift of self-love.

Triggers are what I refer to as blind spots. I call them blind spots because you are so in them, they are often difficult to see. 

Blind spots are connected to a fear, a belief and a wound that was created inside you when you were young.

If you would like help discovering your blindspot, I invite you to take my blind spot quiz.

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