Do you have an overactive voice in your head much of your day? Does it tend to replay the past, worry about the future and think, “If only this or that would change in my life, then I’d be happy”?

Don’t get me wrong…I believe your head is important for navigating certain areas in your life. Like fight or flight, life-threatening situations, for example.

Your head is important for linear, fact-based information. 

When you want to check your bank balance, study a map to get from point A to point B, or even construct a proper sentence, your head is where you want to go to gather the information.

Your head is not the place to go for anything not fact-based. Accessed incorrectly, it creates unwarranted drama based in fear, worry, doubt, and scarcity consciousness (not enoughness).

Your head is unable to helpfully navigate you through anything emotional. Emotions are powerful and felt in your body.  It’s important to learn how to navigate them to live a fulfilling life. Yet, to your head, that’s scary!

How about your intuitive decisions? How well do you think your head navigates your intuition and listens to the wisdom in your heart?

Unless you’ve got some fact-based information around your intuition, your head thinks your intuition is a bunch of airy-fairy bologna.

It feels the same way about spirituality, trusting things will work out, receiving for no reason, and releasing control. In fact, it wants to control everything because without control, who knows what could happen (queue the spinning of “what ifs…”)!

I believe, to access your full power, you must learn to navigate 20% of your life through your head and 80% through your body.

I believe your body is our North Star and your most powerful ally. 

So, how do you know when or how to drop out of your head and into your body to navigate your life powerfully from within? How do you build this overlooked and underutilized “muscle”?

One way is to meditate


Meditation allows you to be more intuitive, conscious and purposeful about your choices and actions. It allows you to slow things down to consciously respond to situations, rather than react to them from your head. That’s powerful!

Because the mind is so busy spinning stories of fear (that are not based on facts), it takes practice and discipline to quiet the over-controlling voice in your head to practice meditation. It takes commitment to build this muscle.

Is it worth it? Yes!

Learning to quiet the mind so you can access your intuition and confidently navigate your emotions is vital to knowing, guiding, nurturing and loving yourself.

Just 5-10 minutes a day will change you. 

Knowing when and how to drop out of your head and into your body allows you to move through stressful situations…away from fear, with a clear, calm and grounded perspective.

This is especially important in today’s turbulent and transitioning world, wouldn’t you agree?

Learning to meditate is a gift of inner peace and comfort. It allows you to listen to the voice of your soul and hear the wisdom of your Higher Self.

Warning: Meditation is not linear. Your head will tell you all the reasons why you don’t have time. Don’t listen to it. 

 As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts around the voice in your head. Is it your friend or foe? And, do you meditate? Please comment below and let me know.

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