Girl with balloonsDid you know there is a child within you who has a free and fun loving spirit?

She loves to play just for play’s sake and laughs out loud from her belly because it feels so very good. She enjoys creating, has a wonderful imagination and a sense of awe and wonder.

This child believes in magic and miracles. She also believes in a friendly world where she can receive anything for no reason, including all the love she desires.

As adults, the essence of this free child is in every one of us. The sad truth is, that somewhere along the way, most of us have been wounded and today, we don’t always live from this place of creativity, love and freedom.

Pouting GirlThis same child within has a wounded aspect as well. This wounded child has been taught the world isn’t so safe after all. She has perfected the skill of manipulating others to get what she needs. She does this by using one of the following techniques:

–Being the good girl and turning on her charm
–Throwing a tantrum or pouting
–Withdrawing and isolating herself, hoping others will come searching for her
–Pretending to be sick, hurt or needy

Do any of these sound familiar?

As an adult, chances are very good that this wounded child within still uses similar tactics for getting love and attention today.

Do you ever find yourself fearful of what other people think? Do you ever have feelings of abandonment, rejection or humiliation? Do you give your power away by saying “yes”, then beating yourself up inside because you really wanted to say “no” but were too afraid?

This is your wounded child in action and it is part of the resonance or inner Feng Shui that makes you who you are as an adult today.

So how do you heal your wounds and reclaim that laughing, creative, care-free child within?

Take Action Now

1. Recognize what’s going on – as with any personal growth, this is the first step. Notice the different feelings and emotions you have when you are in certain circumstances or around certain people. Notice when you feel fearful or alone. Get curious. What are you afraid of?

2. Find your nurturing parent within … the part of you who you access so easily for your own children and others you care about. Reconnect with this nurturing parent energy and just be there for yourself. Allow yourself to feel the fear and have compassion for this wounded aspect of you. Love this part of you, without judgment.

3. Notice patterns. Do you feel most frightened before a social event or family get-together? Is there one person in particular you are threatened by such as a boss, an in-law or another authoritative figure? Are there certain circumstances that trigger your fear, such as speaking in front of groups? Notice your body posture and voice tone. There is a good chance you are showing up in your child aspect in these situations. Have a talk with yourself. Allow your inner child to stay behind in a safe place and show up in full adult (Hint: Your body position will change). Not only will you notice a difference in the situation, but others around you will too!

Spend time honoring your free inner child. You can do this by taking a class in something creative (watch out for wanting to do it right or perfect!), playing in the garden, being silly and laughing out loud, drawing with new colored markers, baking cookies, or star-gazing…all for the fun of it!

©2010 Cindy Prosor

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