Thank you to all who responded to my last newsletter. I received over a dozen emails thanking me for stirring something inside of them…their soul’s calling. If that’s you, that’s exciting!

Speaking of exciting, over the last few months, Larry and I have been consciously co-creating our next life chapter with the Universe. In fact, last week we found our new home in Oropi…just outside of Tauranga (New Zealand). We are excited to see it unfold!

Co-creating with the Universe (God, Divine, Source) is something Larry and I have done since we were both young. And, over the years, we have noticed a four-step process.

Think back to a time when you created exactly what your heart desired. Maybe it was a relationship, the perfect job or a great haircut. Do you remember what you did to attract your desire to you?


Four steps to consciously creating your reality (with a story):

1. Get clear with what you desire

How intimate are you with your desires? Do you allow yourself to indulge in what could bring you the most joy?

Many of us have been taught that desire is not to be trusted. We have been told to find true happiness you must completely let go of desire. In some religions, desire is believed to be the root of all-evil.

A good practice is to ask, “Why do I have this desire? Is this desire coming from my heart or from my ego?” Your ego has attachment or an agenda to wanting something.  Look for hidden agendas of proving, earning, control and manipulation versus your Souls desire of fun, love, adventure and joy. A desire grounded in your heart will have a much deeper impact and resonance than one coming from your ego. They actually feel different.  One comes from a fear in your head, the other from joy in your heart.

A few years back, my husband Larry and I desired to move to a warm coastal climate, on a surf spot, with a view of the ocean. We connected with our hearts’ desire of adventure, new beginnings and living a simpler life. In our minds, we thought it might be Mexico or Santa Barbara. We bought property at both places and began imagining our dream.

2. Actively imagine being there.

From your desire, engage all your senses and actively imagine what it will be like when you get there. FEEL the emotions of being there. Be in the future, in the present moment. This is the resonance that will expand and attract that which you desire.

Recognize any stories of fear or limitation that you may be imagining as well. Don’t deny or repress these “less than comfortable” feelings. They will not disappear. Learn from them. If you don’t accept and get curious now, your imagination and attention will be drawn to that which you don’t desire. Have compassion for yourself and your fears. Look at them, love them, get curious with them, learn from them, forgive them and eventually they will release.

It’s important to include all of your feelings and senses when visualizing where you want to be. See the images of being there. Standing in your imagination, smell, taste and hear all around you. How does it feel to be here? Live it in your mind and feel it in your body as if it were actually happening today.

Larry and I imagined living in this warm climate by the sea. Larry imagined what it would be like to surf regularly near our home. We shared this vision with each other over the years, imagining how it would be once we were there. We spent time at various beaches and locations experiencing it, deepening and confirming our dream. These places included New Zealand, Kauai, Mexico and Santa Barbara.

3. Expect it, without attachment.

It’s in the knowing that makes your desire a reality. Although it is important to be as specific as you can with your desire, it is also important to let go of the details (the how, when, where or who) and demanding a guarantee. It’s important to surrender to the uncertainty, as you do not know exactly what the universe has in store for you. There may be something better than you can even imagine. I always end this with saying, “This or something better, with harm to none.”

4. Take action and trust in the process.

Watch for signs, doors opening and people appearing …“whispers” from the Universe showing you the way. Listen to your intuition. Have confidence in the outcome and watch for things as they fall into place. Have the courage to move forward, receiving in the process and allowing the Universe to take care of the details.

After 9/11, we became more restless living in the U.S. Synchronicity began to appear. One night, the Prime Minister of New Zealand unexpectedly arrived at our home for dinner. We reconnected to our dreams that evening and knew it was a sign that it was time to pursue our future. Within a few days, more powerful “whispers” or “ coincidences” occurred, pulling us toward New Zealand. We intuitively knew the time was right. We sent in our application for residency and within an unusually short time, received a package in the mail on Larry’s birthday, welcoming us into New Zealand and our new life!

Using desire, imagination, expectation, action and trust, you co-create your life with the universe. By slowing things down, using your tools, and paying attention to the feedback, you consciously become the author of your life.

 As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] . Or better yet, let’s begin a conversation around your questions and/or experience for all to learn. I invite you to be one of the first to comment or share in the comments below.

I have lots coming up with my annual Birthday/Anniversary month in October. Stay tuned for some celebration gifts coming your way soon!

With love and magic,


Cindy Powers Prosor CPCC
The Happy Heart Mentor
Professional Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Author
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