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There is no doubt we are in for a turbulent and challenging ride in 2021. We are in transition and transition is chaotic, unpredictable and uncomfortable. 

We have entered into the Aquarian Era of Light. In doing so, we have begun the process of clearing and cleansing an old dominating and fear-based 3-D paradigm that has been controlling our planet for 1000s of years. We are transitioning into a new heart-based, 5-D paradigm.

Let me explain. 

The ego is the voice that says you have no time for frivolous things like meditation, being still, taking in nature and the beauty around you. The ego is about using your head and getting into action…pushing, striving, performing, controlling, perfecting, competing, and proving to be successful and worthy. 

For centuries, the masculine ego and its intellectual power has been allowed to dominate the world. We’ve been taught to perform on tests, compete in the workplace, climb up the ladder, follow the rules and wait for those “at the top” to tell us what to do.

However, in the bigger picture, how does this leave you feeling? For many of us, we are left feeling empty, disappointed, frightened, frustrated and powerless. 

Not only that, if we give the ego (or an outside authority) too much power, we miss the “magic” and incredible opportunities that are possible through the 5-D energetic world. That’s exactly what’s been happening for centuries. We have not been taught how to use the amazing power within us.

So, what helps to learn and to build this inner muscle?

To access all of you, you need to learn when and how to drop out of your head and into your body. One powerful tool to help you do this is your breath.

When you are triggered in fear or feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or alone, notice. Then, stop and drop out of your head and into your body with a nice, long, extended belly breath. 

Breathe in…oxygenating all your cells with this amazing life source. Pause for a moment and then continue with a long, extended exhale.

After several big breaths, it’s a good time to do a simple body scan.  With each continued breath, look for pockets of tension in your body. Begin at the top of your head and slowly work your way down. Common places to hold tension are your scalp, the muscles behind your eyes, your jaw, your neck and shoulders and your stomach.

Breathe into each area with your inhale, breaking up the tension by oxygenating the cells in that specific area with your breath, then release the tension and any stress you may be holding with your long, extended exhale. Let it all go.   

Next, put your hand over the centre of your chest and breathe into your sacred heart. This is your soul’s chamber. Breathe into this area to connect with and listen to your soul. 

With each breath, feel the love opening within you.

See the light within you expand. Envision this light embracing you in a beautiful pink bubble of love. Connect deeply into the warmth of your divine energy flow. And breathe.

Your breath is a powerful tool for creating inner peace in a turbulent world. I invite you to pause throughout your day and consciously connect with your breath. It’s easily accessible and it’s free.

I’ll continue sharing my favorite tools and insights on navigating the chaos of change and uncertainty in my newsletters, in my private Facebook group Opening Doors, and here on my blog. 

What’s your favorite way to stabilize the uncomfortable feelings of change and uncertainty in your life? I’d love to know. Please share your favorites practices in the comments below

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