featureWould you like to feel lighter, more expansive and alive?

If so, it’s time to move some clutter! Clearing clutter is one of the most powerful things you can do.

Clutter is stuck energy.  Whenever I coach people who are stuck, chances are they have clutter in their home or office.  What you see in your environment is a reflection of what’s going on inside you and visa versa. In other words, outer clutter usually mirrors inner clutter.

Energy stagnates as clutter accumulates. If you want to get moving in your life, start with clearing your clutter first. This is one of the most therapeutic and healthy things you can do for yourself and your family.

The same applies to manifesting anything powerful in your life, especially more joy and freedom. If you are ready to expand and feel lighter, getting rid of your clutter is essential. Joy is a surge of energy and you cannot feel it if your channels are clogged. 

Freedom is expansive and spacious. You cannot get things moving in your life if you are bogged down with dead energy in your space.

Think of clutter as a form of constipation. When you have stuck or dead energy in any spot in your home, it keeps you bogged down.

Time and time again I hear stories from clients sharing their experiences of how removing their clutter impacted their life. My own clutter clearing experience happened ten years ago. We took one year to clear the clutter from our family home before moving from California to New Zealand. Taking one room at a time, we tackled such items as old family mementos and pictures, grandma’s furniture, old clothes, shelves of books and toys, as well as many saved items “just in case”.

The price of shipping all of our stuff to the other side of the planet was our main motivator but the impact was more freedom, and more expansive, lighter energy, which helped to create powerful new beginnings. The amazing thing is when we arrived we were ready to let go of even more.

Removing clutter can include:

Stacks or boxes of paperwork
Unfinished projects and to-do piles and lists
Broken items you’ve been meaning to get to
Old make-up and medicine
Other people’s clutter you are watching for them while they travel (are you really doing you and them a favor?)
Car clutter
Garage clutter
Pantry items such a spices, cans and food
Photos, especially ones your family handed down to you (do you even know those people?)
Clothes that don’t fit or you are not wearing
Shoes and handbags
Art you don’t love
Your inbox on your computer
Uninspiring people in your life
Stuff not put in its proper place.
Anything you don’t use or love!

Watch what you’re enhancing. Mirrors and crystals enhance or amplify the energy in a room. You can imagine what would happen if you applied an enhancer such as a crystal or mirror to a room with hidden clutter? You would actually enhance the clutter or the ‘stuckness’ in your life!

For this reason, it is very important to clear your clutter first before adding any enhancers to your home. You can’t expand good energy until you let go of the energy that is not serving you first.

When you clear your clutter you immediately feel lighter and better. When you feel lighter inside, everything around you lightens up. Your days run smoother and life becomes easier and more joyful.

Why do you think it’s more difficult for some people to get rid of their clutter than others?

It is my belief that some people will subconsciously keep clutter in order to suppress their own aliveness or numb themselves out. They are actually afraid to get out of their comfort zone to move forward, go into the unknown, or feel their emotions so they create and keep clutter as a sort of protection.

If you want to expand and lighten up your life, clear your space. But take it slowly. Clearing clutter is exhausting. Surrounding yourself with that stuck energy will rob you of yours. Remember to take breaks often to revitalize and energize yourself.

Then, slowly begin to add things back into your space that inspire, feed and engage you. Be careful to only add things that feel good to you.

When you release your old stuff you’re releasing old energy. By releasing old energy, you are making room for new energy or new things (and people) to come into your life.

Take action now!

Take inventory of the clutter in your home or office. You might want to begin with one room. Ask yourself the following questions:

What am I holding onto that isn’t serving me anymore?
What stuff am I holding onto that might be dragging me down?
What could be the impact of lightening my load?

If your clutter has been around for a long time, you might want to ask yourself the following questions:

Has this clutter become comfortable for me to live with? Has it become a part of who I am?
Is it easier to live with my clutter than to clear it?
Do I have a fear of moving forward or a limiting belief I don’t deserve to?
Is my clutter a form of numbing out so I don’t have to feel?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to lovingly and gently get curious here. There’s a good chance your outer clutter is reflecting some sort of inner clutter such as sadness, anger, disappointment or hurt.

What do you tend to hold onto? Is it easier to live with clutter than to clear it?  How do you think it’s affecting you?

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