What you are thinking and feeling is being matched at every moment by the Universe, whether you are aware of it or not. This is the Law of Attraction.
If you don’t like the way something is going in your life, become conscious of your thoughts and feelings. One powerful way to do this is with the energy of words.
Both feelings and thoughts create your reality.  Many words can have both feelings and thoughts attached to them. 
When you are feeling frustrated, alone or afraid for example, what you are thinking? What you are feeling? What you are telling yourself and others about your situation and your life? Slow things down and notice.
Say you are going for a job interview. Depending on your past experience, you might walk into the interview feeling fearful.  Thoughts of not being good enough and fearing the worst might linger in your head.  
You might even say something to yourself or others like, “I don’t interview very well” or, “I’m afraid I won’t know what to say when they ask me questions”.  Memories of an unsuccessful past experience can actually trigger you into these feelings of failure.
In doing so, you’ve unconsciously set yourself up for a negative experience through your automatic and unintentional thoughts and emotions.  And remember, the Universe always gives you exactly what you ask for through your thoughts and emotions.
What if instead, you intentionally put positive feelings and thoughts behind your words?
Let’s take “happy” for example. Happy is a word yet it’s also a feeling.  This vibration becomes a “platform” you can create your “reality” from.  You can consciously create your life by choosing and feeling into the energy of certain words like “happy”.
There is a big difference between telling someone you are happy and actually feeling happy.  The “telling” lives in your head and becomes an expressed thought.  You can tell yourself you are happy but as long as it only remains as a thought in your head you are not actually feeling it.
Yet when you feel happy in your body, it becomes a generating emotion.  The more you feel happy, the more you create things to feel happy for.
Going back to our job interview, think what could happen if you took on the feelings of the words confident, capable, and happy?  What if you actually felt confident, capable and happy in your body before stepping through the door?  How might that impact the interactions and the outcome of the interview?
To set yourself up for a successful interview, it’s important to get clear with your desire.  Take time to look at how you want the interview to go and pair words, affirmations, thoughts and emotions that match that result.
Before going into the interview, actively imagine how you’re going to feel when you are in the interview…feeling capable, confident and happy.   Can you see how this shift could change the outcome of your interview?
Everything in your life is giving you important feedback for what’s going on inside you. Slow things down and notice. How might you be creating your “reality” with your thoughts, feelings and words? 
How aware are you of your words, thoughts and feelings? Can you see a pattern connected to how these might be creating your life? Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts.
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