We are counting down the days of 2019. If you are like most, your year has been filled with an abundance of experiences, including opportunities for both growth and celebration. It’s time for reflection.​

time for reflection

How has 2019 unfolded for you? Did things go as planned? Did you accomplish what you expected and in the way you had hoped? Did you cross everything off your annual list of goals? Or, are you disappointed and frustrated with what didn’t happen?

Chances are pretty good some things didn’t go entirely as expected for you this year. Perhaps it went way better in some areas and not so great in others. Maybe there weren’t necessarily positive or negative changes, just things that were different than what you expected for 2019.

Life has a funny way of intruding upon our plans. This can be exciting, but more often than not, there’s a sense of discomfort. This often triggers fear and frustration.

Our ego or human self wants to make things happen. It wants to have control over our life and it’s disappointed when things go “wrong”. We have goals to achieve, safety and security to maintain, love to find, and we want this to happen smoothly and quickly. When things don’t go as planned, feelings of disappointment and frustration can be triggered.

Yet, what if this frustration is distracting you from where you are actually meant to go? What if this “dead end” was a blessing in your life?

Have you ever stopped to wonder that maybe this problem is trying to lead you in a different direction to an even greater outcome? One that feels better. Have you ever imagined the thing that didn’t happen, or that happened incorrectly, is actually trying to take you down a different path?

While it’s certainly frustrating for things not to go as planned, I invite you to remember: Just because things are not unfolding in the way you thought they would, it doesn’t mean they are not unfolding perfectly for you.

Maybe your expectation for how life should be isn’t necessarily what is going to give you what you desire. Just because you didn’t get the raise you wanted, sorted out the relationship of your dreams, or get your dream home, for example, doesn’t mean your life isn’t going in the right and perfect direction for you.

When you are frustrated, angry or anxious for example, your body becomes constricted and tight. How easy is it for you to create or receive from this place?

When you let go of control and disappointment and replace it with trust and gratitude, you’ll start seeing opportunities and possibilities that were not visible before. Doors begin to open and people appear.

When you stop giving attention to and feeling frustrated for what’s not working, you’re able to pay attention to and feel grateful for what is working.

And those “mistakes” you might be beating yourself up for? How’s THAT working for you??

“Mistakes” are only lessons, and lessons will continue to be given until they are learned. So pay attention and grow from these experiences.

Try to let go of feeling frustrated for all the things that “went wrong” this year. Get clear with how you want to feel, and excited about where these plot twists could be taking you.

When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

TRUST in the process. Follow the path of least resistance. Don’t push the river…allow life to flow. Open your heart to possibilities and opportunities and be ready to receive.

My invitation to you is to s-l-o-w things down and be curious. Pay attention and be open to possibilities and opportunities that are coming your way.

What you are looking for is looking for you…it may not be time yet or it may not look like what you are expecting it to. You’ll know when you’ve found it by how it feels once it arrives.

What are your immediate thoughts on this? Does the idea of letting go of control bring you excitement or fear? How easy is it for you to take the path of least resistance, trust and receive what comes to you?

Do you have questions? I’d really love to know. Share your thoughts below!

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