“The truth you believe and cling to, makes you unavailable to hear (or see) anything new.”

What story do you continue to tell yourself and the world around you? Is it a story filled with tales of overwhelm, struggle, striving or blame? It’s important to notice. Your story and its beliefs are creating your life today.

Your story is rooted in beliefs you think are true. Most likely, these beliefs were given to you by well intentioned adults in your life when you were growing up.

These beliefs and their accompanied fears are such a part of you today that you believe they are real. And because you believe they are real, you cannot see beyond them.

Yet, they are not “real”, they are just beliefs that are creating an “illusion”. These beliefs and fears are making you unavailable to hear or see anything new and keep you spinning in frustration, overwhelm, disappointment and fear.

These beliefs and fears are what I refer to as your Blind Spots, and these Blind Spots are creating your life as you see it today. And chances are, they are keeping you feeling stuck, especially in a specific area of your life.

The first step to changing this is to recognise your Blind Spots. When you are able to see them, only then are you able to clear them.

Clear your blind spots, change your life

So how do you discover the blind spots that are holding you back so you can create a different life story?

  1. Ask people you trust and respect what they see in you. Because they are not in your story, they may be able to see how you are stuck in yours. Caution: It helps to be “neutral” with those you ask. If you are emotionally close, there’s a good chance you could get triggered.
  2. Take my blind spot quiz HERE.
  3. Both of the above.

If you take my Blind Spot quiz, be sure to listen to the accompanying audio series – Transform Your Blind Spots into Your Breakthrough. It’s POWERFUL!

Please share your experience and thoughts with me below. Thanks!


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