On a recent beach walk, I began mentally listing the positive changes I‘ve experienced since consciously nurturing my spiritual growth over the last 20 years. Upon returning to my desk, I immediately began typing them out and continued adding to them into the night. Below is the list I ended up with that evening.

  • An increasing desire to be alone in silence
  • Understanding the most difficult people and situations in your life are also your best teachers in your life
  • A feeling of being grounded to the core of the earth while connected to a divine power from above
  • Seeking holistic health care practitioners as partners in your health care journey, no longer depending only on a doctor to “fix” you with prescriptions
  • Disconnecting from white noise and negative information from the media
  • Making a conscious effort to connect to people through their eyes and heart
  • Greater understanding of symbols, numbers and sacred geometry
  • Increasing sense of empathy and compassion with all people and animals
  • An increasing willingness to be vulnerable
  • An increased sense of humor, lightness and ability to laugh at self
  • Feelings of bliss when experiencing nature
  • A returning ability to allow your tears to flow and feel your emotions
  • Releasing the need to defend yourself and others
  • Giving yourself permission to follow your hearts desire
  • Unconditionally helping others with the understanding that as you do you are also helping yourself
  • A desire to pick up trash and take care of the planet
  • Frequent episodes of gratitude and appreciation
  • Understanding syncronicity as an aweareness of people and opportunties displaying themselves at just the right time
  • A tendency to look younger rather than aged
  • An increased interest in exercising in ways that honor your body, mind and spirit
  • A desire to only eat “real” and whole food
  • Communicating with your guides and unseen friends
  • Understanding Divine Will, knowing everything is a choice, all choices have impact and you are never a victim
  • Remembering your dreams and understanding the significance through their symbolism
  • Letting go of expectations of how you think things and people “should be”
  • Being intuitively guided by your heart rather than driven by the fear of your head
  • A loss of interest in judging self or others
  • An ability to enjoy each and every moment, just as it is
  • A loss of interest in drama and conflict
  • A loss of the need to worry
  • A fullness in your heart and the ability to extend and receive love for no reason

What symptoms do you have to add to this list? I know there are so many more. Please share your thoughts with me below.

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