As a child, you were born with the ability to dialog with Source, the Consciousness you are part of but cannot see with your naked eye. This is often referred to as your intuition – the magic within.

I remember as a child, having a conversation with this part of myself. I used to ask to be guided, then listen and look for answers within and around me. This, I would make playful like a game. 

As a school teacher and a mother of two, it’s perplexing to me that we are only taught to use our mind with fact-based, linear information. The natural ability to access our inner guidance is completely ignored and forgotten. 

You, my beautiful friend, are a spiritual being in a human body and are able at any time to enter into a dialog with this Source energy. Just because you cannot see it, touch it or measure it, does not mean it does not exist. 

Magic within

This deep knowing allows you to open the door to wisdom far greater than the limitations your 3D mind and body can experience.

What you naturally intuit may make no sense to the logical mind or your five senses, but is completely true and best for you. The trick is to listen and act upon it. 

Do you remember a time when you met someone and there was an immediate connection? Although there is nothing logical about it, something deep within you knew this person was meant to play an important role in your life. 

This can also work in the opposite direction by receiving heavy and constricting feelings, as you are intuitively guided to stay away. 

All of your answers are within you. In my work with clients, I let them know this in our first session. 

I work as an “intuitive heart mentor” or “soul guide”, helping to awaken the deep wisdom within. Many times during a session, my clients will say to me, “I knew that, I had just forgotten until now.” 

You are constantly receiving deep wisdom and answers to questions inside you.

The trick is to ask for guidance, quiet your mind, and set the intention to receive from within. It can come as a feeling in your body, a message you hear or a sign that is physically around you. Trust it. 

I invite you to move through your day with 5D awareness. Remind yourself often that you are a soul, experiencing a human life, always connected to the divine. 

Speak with soul. Ask for guidance. Watch for signs. Listen and notice. 

Then, take action from your inner wisdom, trusting in the process. After a time, just like when you were a child, it will become natural once again. 

Whenever you’re ready…here are two ways I can help you:

  1. May I help you to connect to your wisdom and power within? Only here will you find the lasting fulfillment and love your searching and striving can never give you. I’d love to be your guide. Book your Breakthrough Session here.

2. If you are ready to connect to an awakening community with tools and information to help you feel lighter and more expansive, I invite you to join my Private Facebook Community, Opening Doors. Click here to join.

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