Do you wish for a more peaceful world?

As a world, we are in transition and it’s uncomfortable. Can you feel it? 

Think of it like when the weather pressure shifts between high pressure and low pressure. There is turbulence as the shift happens. 

We are in this shifting, turbulent activity and it’s chaotic and uncertain.

We are clearing out the old to make room for the new. The old is based in a patriarchal world of separation, duality and power over. 

The new is based in unity, personal responsibility and freedom of choice. 

To navigate this shifting terrain, it will be a lot easier if we do not allow what’s going on around us to trigger feelings of fear and separation within us. 


The focus of 2021 is to manifest unity consciousness. To do this, all separation must be pushed to the surface and exposed to the light. 

Separation looks and sounds like righteous beliefs, judgements and “you versus me” opinions and discussions. 

I have a client who has family members judging her for her current choices and telling her what is right and what is wrong. They believe they know what’s best.

Their conversations trigger high emotion. There is also much defending, preaching and a me-against-you dialog. 

Has this ever happened to you?

 Have you noticed how many of us are caught up in the emotional charge of the world… defending, being stubborn, righteous, blaming, and throwing out sentences with should/shouldn’t, right/wrong, and good/bad?

More than ever, it’s important to know how to consciously respond from a place of neutrality.

What is neutrality and how do you get there? 

How do you cut the energetic cord of fear and separation and create a more neutral energy that brings us closer together?

The first most powerful step is to notice when you get triggered and PAUSE.

This pause can be in the form of taking a big breath. At first, it may be helpful to excuse yourself, go into another room or outside and take that big breath. 

Do what you need to shake off any unhealthy and toxic emotions, allowing them to pass through you. Move your body, ground yourself in the soil and breathe. Come to a neutral place.

From here you are able to look at your choices and the impact of each choice. For example, you could defend yourself, (what I refer to as “hitting the ball back”) and keep the emotional trigger engaged, creating more toxic emotion, drama and separation. 

Or, you could just say, “Thank you for sharing your perspective” and change the subject.

Or, from a place of respect for your relationship, you could stay awake to what you love about them and agree to disagree on this subject. Agree not to bring it up again and move forward together. 

2021 comes with much uncertainty. For those of us who are holding tightly to our righteous beliefs, this year will not be easy. 

For the sake of inner peace and unity, practice coming to a neutral place. Not a “better than” place. Just a neutral and uncharged place for the sake of inner peace. This is a powerful step to creating more peace and unity in the world. 

How do you disengage from personal and/or global drama, (NAME)? Who or what are your biggest triggers? What are the tools you use to remain grounded, calm and centered during tumultuous times? 

I’d love to hear your comments or questions on this subject. Please share them with us below.

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