This week is potent for creation. Are you consciously intending and creating your life today or are you allowing people and circumstances to do this for you?

As a human, you were designed to be a creator. You were actually born with specific “tools” to consciously create your “reality” and those “tools” have been getting sharper and sharper as this year has unfolded. Unfortunately, most of us have not been taught to use them.


When I arrived in Montana last September, I had this desire to find an eagle feather. The feather of an eagle would be something easy and fun to consciously create, especially since I had zero attachment to it.

I declared to my family I would find an eagle feather sometime over the following two months.

From that time forward, every time we went for a walk, I reminded everyone to keep their eyes open for my eagle feather.

The way I navigate my life is not new to my family. They are used to my ways of communicating and receiving from the Universe, so they happily played along with me. That is, except for our daughter’s husband, Jon. He was still fairly new to this and seriously doubted what I was up to.

Although he never said anything, I am certain he thought I was a bit crazy. He most likely wasn’t aware of the fact that life is created whether he was aware of this or not. He wasn’t taught how to consciously create his “reality” with focused intention, active imagination and unattached expectation.

About three weekends into our trip, my husband Larry got up early with our grandson Finn. After about 10 minutes of quiet interaction in another room, Larry came into our bedroom and asked me to come and look outside the big window.

There, in the tree across the way, was a big bald eagle eating a fish in its talons. It was magnificent! However, that is not all Larry wanted to share.

He continued to tell me that a few minutes earlier, an adolescent eagle had swept onto the branch beside him and attempted to participate in the meal. The adult eagle would have nothing to do with this and aggressively went after the younger bird.

In doing so, he ripped out a good amount of its feathers before sending it on its way.

As my husband watched, a substantial clump of the adolescent’s feathers drifted to the ground, just outside our family’s home. Larry smiled and thought…she did it again.

Indeed, I received my feathers that morning. Was I surprised? Not at all. However, Jon was.

Over the following weeks, Jon shook his head and repeatedly said to me, “I cannot believe you actually got your eagle feathers.

So how did I do this? It began with a desire and a conscious belief it was possible.

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, fears and expectations create your consciousness. Your consciousness creates your “reality” or the world you see around you.

If you believe we live in a scary world and/or you give your power over to others, you’ll create things to be afraid of and become a victim of your circumstances.

If you stand in your power and know you are a conscious creator, you can consciously co-create with and receive from the Universe at any time.

It’s all a matter of your consciousness.

The biggest obstacle for many of us is we are not conscious of what we believe, fear, feel, think, expect or even desire. Most of us live our lives on a subconscious level of auto-pilot, thinking life is happening to us.

Take a moment now and look at your life today. What you see around you is the result of what you gave attention to yesterday. What you see today is actually feedback for you to explore your consciousness.

Your body doesn’t know the difference between a physical or imagined experience. What you give attention to, you will create. So do it consciously.

Experience the feeling of being there and the Universe will meet you there.

The world is more potent than ever. The energies are powerful this week! There has never been a more important time to reclaim your power.

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