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Solstice happens on 21 December in the Northern Hemisphere and on 22 December in the Southern Hemisphere. 

For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, you will be experiencing the shortest days of light, dark night, snow coming down, very quiet in town. 

For others in the Southern hemisphere, you are experiencing long, warm days, expansive light, short nights, sun bright, activity buzzing in pure delight.

The Solstice reminds us to celebrate the light of the sun and the light within each of us. 

Light reminds us there is hope in the world as it squashes the darkness. We can use this powerful and expansive light energy for ourselves and for the world. 

Solstice is an energetically charged day and an important one to set intentions. Include powerful “I AM” statements that reflect and open you up to receiving the energies of the day. For example, “I AM receiving clear direction, guidance and trust in my life”. “I AM receiving abundance in all forms… in health and wellness, prosperity, community, joy,  laughter and love.”

✨ Nourish the light within you with feelings of gratitude. Gratitude is a generating emotion which means, the more you feel grateful the more you create things to be grateful for. Use the power of this day to lean into gratitude and generate things to celebrate. Feel into the future you want to experience in 2022. Remember, the magic is in the feeling.

Quietly practise these rituals on Solstice morning and feel yourself nourishing the light within.

If you can, stand fully in the light of the sun today (and every day), allowing it to charge the light within you. As you do, you raise your frequency to more love… first for yourself, then radiate it out into the world. 

Just by holding the intention to send light out into the world, you are raising its vibration. 

Wherever you are, may your season of light continue to be filled with blessings.

I welcome your comments below.

For the remainder of December, I am regularly sharing tips and tools in my private Opening Doors Within Facebook group, to help calm the chaos within. These will be simple yet powerful practices you can use in just minutes, to collect, restore and come back to yourself during these busy and chaotic times. Please join us here.

“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”

Cindy Powers Prosor

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