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How do you find inner peace in today’s stressful world?

With so much uncomfortable change going on around us, it’s easy to buy into the fear of the wounded ego. Your wounded ego is that voice inside that pulls you into the drama of distress, frustration, anxiety, struggle, and confusion. It keeps you paralyzed in fear and robs you of your personal power.

Just as a key unlocks a door, dropping out of your head and into your heart is the key to inner peace. Below are some keys I have found for opening the door of peace within.

  1. Put on some great music and dance! FEEL the music in your body and move with it. If it doesn’t get you going right away, hang in there and fake it. It could take you a few moments to get out of your head and the world of your ego and drop into your body, but don’t give up. If you like the music, the ego will move over; you will feel the music and rise to a higher vibration, resonance or feeling. It takes you into your body and the present moment.
  2. Watch a funny or romantic movie. Take a break from your own drama and replace it with something that feels good.
  3. Stop watching and reading the news. I stopped following the news after 9/11. I noticed how awful I felt every time I would turn on the T.V. to stay informed. It’s been almost 11 years now and I don’t miss it. If there is something going on in the world that you need to know, I promise you will find out.
  4. Surround yourself with memories and thoughts of what you love. In fact, when you are in a loving space and these thoughts are easy to access, make a list of everything you love. Put that list in a safe spot. Then, when you need it most, take it out and remember all that you love.
  5. Listen to beautiful music. Sonia Choquette refers to music as “vibratory fuel”. Its vibration can actually shift our vibration, or resonance. What songs do you love? You know what I’m talking about. Those songs or CDs that lift your spirit and put a smile on your face. Play them often!
  6. Laugh out loud. Laughter is the voice of the Spirit. As with dancing, this can take patience and practice, but I can tell you it works! You can begin by laughing at yourself. Begin to look for reasons to laugh. They are all around! My husband Larry used to say it was an especially successful dinner if we laughed as much as we talked at the table. He did and still does LOVE to make us laugh. Raising our inner resonance raises his inner resonance.
  7. And that’s another way to raise your emotion…by helping someone else raise his or her emotion. Phoning your mother or father and telling them you love them, buying flowers for your partner, making your family’s favorite dessert for dinner, stopping what you’re doing and reading your child her favorite story, and volunteering in your community can all help to put a smile on their faces and a warm their hearts. By helping them feel better, you can’t help but to feel better too!
  8. Get outside. Spending time in nature allows you to be in the moment. It helps you to get out of your head and witness the beauty around you. Feel the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face. Smell the flowers. Walk barefoot on the grass. Listen to the birds. Watching a sunrise or sunset always takes my breath away.
  9. Think of the things you are grateful for. Even in your darkest moments there is always something to be grateful for. Being able to walk, having a roof over your head, a bed to sleep on, just being alive. Often it’s not until one of these things is taken away or is in jeopardy that we appreciate what we have. Appreciate them today and celebrate what you have.
  10. Hang out with people who bring you joy and avoid those who bring you down. Ask yourself, “How does it feel to be with this person?” Before accepting invitations from family members or friends who push your buttons, stress you out, or leave you feeling less than powerful, remember that this lower energy or resonance creates more stress. Begin spending time with people who are inspiring and bring you joy.

It is important to understand that it’s not so much what you do that’s important. What is important is the feeling it creates inside of you.

The higher your resonance, the better you feel. When you feel good inside, your outer world or “reality” reflects your inner peace. Life becomes more peaceful … and more fun!

Stop several times throughout your day and feel. Drop out of your head (your thoughts and your drama) and into your body. Ask yourself, “How do I feel?” If you feel empowered and fulfilled, celebrate it. You are on the right track. If you feel disempowered and unfulfilled, try one of the above techniques to raise your resonance and reconnect to inner peace.



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