The purpose of good Feng Shui is to keep healthy energy flowing. When clean energy flows around you freely, it feels good. When you feel good, your resonance feels lighter. A lighter resonance gives you a feeling of vitality, well-being and happiness. This resonance is what creates good health.

Below are 12 important Feng Shui tips for improving health and vitality in your home.

1. Keep a clean house. Dirt and clutter keeps you stuck in a lower resonance. When you are in a lower resonance you feel heavy. Heaviness is where disease lives and thrives, including depression. If you have allowed your home to get this dirty, it will feel quite challenging to clean it. The psychic debris is dragging you down and making it difficult to move forward…in clearing your physical space and in everything in your life.

2. Focus on the center of your home.
What do you see and feel here? If there is a closet, make sure everything in it is being used, is in good working condition and kept tidy. Think EARTH. This area is associated with the earth element. You can strengthen your health energy by placing objects representing the earth here such as plants in large pots (make sure they are healthy), rocks (granite table), pottery, sculptures and by using earthy colors such as terra cotta, browns, golds and yellows.

3. Is there a bathroom or washing machine in the center of your home?
If so, your health energy is going down the drains. Keep the door shut, the toilet/washer lid down and the sink or shower drains closed when not in use. Putting a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door will repel the energy back into the house.

4. Plants are wonderful for adding vibrant energy.
Make sure they are healthy, vibrantly green and lush. Watch for spiky plants such as spider and cactus, as they should be avoided. Weeping plants such as willows and mulberry can bring on depression, particularly in the front yard. Your bedroom is an especially important place to keep healthy plants, as you spend much of your time resting and regenerating there. Using an odd number is most powerful.

5. Spiral staircases are very unhealthy, as their corkscrew shape creates a downward energy. The cures for this are:

— Place a big potted plant under the stairwell to catch the chi and send it upward.
— Place another plant at the top of the stairs to help pull the energy up as you climb them.
— Wrap a green silk vine around the handrail, beginning at the bottom and ending at the top. Feel the healing energy of the green color as you walk up the stairs.
— Hang a crystal ball at the top of the staircase, feeling its energy uplifting and energizing the location.

6. Watch for sharp corners or heavy beams, especially ones pointing at you while you are sitting at the table, your favorite chair, or directly at or over your bed. These are actually called “poison arrows” in Feng Shui and can be remedied in several ways. If you cannot move the pointed object, placing a plant, crystal ball or brass bell in front of it will soften and distract the chi. Beams can be wrapped in silk or live vines. Beams painted the same color as the ceiling are not as powerful as ones that are darker.

7. Keep electric items such as clocks, phones and radios away from your bed. Move them at least 2-3 feet away from your body, as these electrical appliances lower resistance and absorb vital energy. If you use an electric blanket, be sure to turn it off before you cozy down for the night.

8. Make sure your air is healthy and fresh.
Air filters can be helpful in areas where unhealthy air or allergies are a problem. Opening windows and keeping air circulating is wonderful, unless of course you have allergies.

9. Vacuum for a quick pick-me-up.
If you have a high-quality vacuum, using it is an easy way to clean up the chi and get an area energized. I often use this technique between client visits. Beware: many vacuums just break the dirt into smaller particles and spit it out again.

10. Check for toxic materials in your home. Old carpet and paint can emit toxic residue, dust mites and mold into your home and your family. Check your cleaning supplies and use only natural-based products. This will not only be better for you and your family, you will be helping the planet as a whole.

11. Lower energies from abuse of any kind can have a toxic effect on your health. Especially if your home has had other owners before you, you may have psychic debris embedded in your corners, floors and walls. The same goes for used furniture, especially beds. Replacing old mattresses and beds can do wonders for creating new beginnings, including new health. Clear toxic space by hiring a professional space clearer or learn to do it yourself with Karen Kingston’s book Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui.

12. With placing, rearranging and creating all Feng Shui cures, it is always important to visualize your intention or the outcome you want to see. Imagine your health vibrant, clear, energized, radiant and glowing! If you have a health challenge, feel and see your health improving. Trust this or something better is on its way!

Take a few minutes this week and walk through your home with this list. By making a few changes today, you may avoid serious health problems tomorrow.

©2010 Cindy Prosor

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