Have you been feeling frustrated (even frightened) with the direction the world seems to be moving?

Maybe you’re angry at the world for continuing with the madness… the segregation… the discrimination… the judgments and separation.

The energies of change are increasing each day! I can feel it too. 

I’ve got some news…. tomorrow we are going to turbocharge these energies with a total solar eclipse. 

This total solar eclipse falls on 3 December at 11:32 pm Pacific time and 4 December at 8:32 pm New Zealand time. The powerful energy of this eclipse will be felt over several days on either side of these dates. 

We can use the impact of this total solar eclipse to magnify the manifesting power of our imagination, creativity, unconditional love, and connection to source energy and spirituality. 

It’s time to step out of fear and into your power…. if you are ready for positive change, let’s turbocharge together with this total solar eclipse! 

This is a SUPER POWERFUL time for daily practice of the following:

  1. Setting new intentions for yourself and for the New Earth 

Using your creative imagination, connect in with your desired future. This can be as simple as seeing and feeling into more unity consciousness, radiant health and expanded love in your life and in the world. You can take this as deep and as focused as you’d like, into specific areas such as work, abundance, relationships, travel, and so on. Activate your creative imagination and expect, “This or something better, with harm to none”.

  1. Cleansing and clearing old fears and beliefs connected to the dying 3-D domination paradigm 

First for yourself. Allow all “shadow elements” within you to be seen so you can shift them into the light. Intend for everything keeping you from love and happiness to reveal itself.  This can include negative beliefs, stories from your past, fears, words… anything that is creating more fear, struggle and separation, as this sabotages the love, ease, and trust within you.

Next, for the New Earth. Envision the darkness revealing itself and losing its power. I like to see this like pouring water on the “bad witch” in the movie, The Wizard of Oz. As the light shines upon the darkness, it begins to shrink, dissolve and die. See new systems and principles starting to build. Systems built upon freedom, truth, higher consciousness, wisdom, integrity… for the good of all.

  1. Listen to YOUR Ministry of Truth

Your soul is giving you messages and guidance through this period of change. Several ways to listen to its messages are: 

  • Checking in regularly with your intuition… this is your internal guidance system and your best source of information. It’s subtle, yet powerful! 
  • Notice your dreams, maybe keep a dream journal. This is one way your soul is communicating your next steps.
  • Ask for messages and help from your unseen friends. Then look, listen and act upon their guidance. Watch for signs that are being given to you. Trust in this process.

I’m here to guide you through the chaos and into the calm… along a path of love.

I welcome your feedback about this topic in the comments below.

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“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”

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