February is the month of Love. We show our love by giving cards, chocolate, and beautiful flowers.

Yet to find lasting and powerful love, we MUST learn to love our self before looking for love from another to fill us up.  It’s only in the giving of love that we can authentically receive true love. Yet, we can’t give something we don’t have, right?

Self-Love is a practice. It’s a path.  It’s a choice we make in every moment of every day.

When we choose Self-Love, we fill ourselves with self-respect, courage, trust, hope, joy, confidence, compassion, passion, possibility and certainty.  When you choose Self-Love you stay courageously true to yourself…you’re able to choose love over fear no matter what’s going on around you.

When we love our self, we are, in our core, happy for others to succeed, have fun, and find joy…no matter what’s going on in our life at that time. We stop comparing ourselves to others, and are able to see and celebrate the unique and special gifts that are ours alone.

When we love our self, we are able to find the courage to take risks and fail, knowing in each mistake we are only growing, learning and becoming a better person along he way.

With Self-Love, we are able to shine our love out into the world. Like a beacon on a stormy night, others are attracted to our loving light and want to love us back in return.

It’s only when we have love within ourselves that can we actually love others from this empowered and radiant place.

This month I want to give you the gift of Self-Love. I have created a 30-day practice called the 30-Day Self-Love Challenge. Each day you get one simple act of Self-Love to work on.

30 self love challengeAs you follow these simple yet powerful Self-Love exercises, by the end of the 30-days you’ll be feeling “topped up” with your own Self-Love. It’s like having a personal trainer to help you build your Self-Love muscle!

I have created a beautiful PDF you can print and place on your mirror, refrigerator or wall to remind you of each daily practice. 

Want to be part of the Self-Love Challenge?     Click here to download it.

No matter how you are feeling in this moment, remember that love is your birthright. You were born from love and you will return to love.

If you’d like some support, please send me an email or comment below.

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