key to the puzzleDid you know you create 100% of your “reality” 100% of the time?

It’s true. Most of us do this subconsciously. You go about your day with stories and beliefs that work against you, keeping you from exactly what you say you want more of. You think these stories are true, but are they?

These stories and beliefs create your emotions. Your emotions create your resonance or energy. That energy is what the Universe matches. That is the Law of Attraction.

Below are 5 keys to consciously creating your life:

1. Get clear with what you desire. Do you know what you desire? If you don’t, how can you consciously create it? Spend time dreaming of what it is you want more of in your life. Write it down. Get clarity here.

2. Set an energetic intention. Like goals, you can have large and small intentions. It’s important to not only imagine in your mind exactly what you want. What you want in a physical form is not as important as how it’s going to feel when you get there. Get clear with your intention, give it attention and focus and let go of any attachment to the form. FEEL the frequency or the emotions of being there.

For example, before you get up in the morning, ask yourself, “What kind of day do I want?” Do I want a productive day? If so, how does it feel to be productive? Be in the feeling of productivity. If you need help doing this, remember a time when you were productive. How did it feel? I imagine it could have felt successful, optimistic, happy, joyful, empowering, and/or creative. Use this marker to bring you back to the resonance or the feeling of being productive. Feel the momentum of being in the flow. Set the vibrational signature for the day.

Please understand, your intention can be as small as a safe drive to the grocery store or as big as curing cancer. It’s all the same to the Universe. It’s just that our bigger intentions often have a lot more fear and beliefs attached to them.

3. Check for resistance. Once you try this on, notice what comes up for you. Is there resistance? Do you feel like you might miss out on something if you are productive? Is there a story or belief attached to not being productive enough in the past? Are you afraid of disappointing someone if you are not productive? These things can keep you from exactly what you want. Get curious.

4. If you find something you don’t like, don’t judge it. It’s not “bad,” it just “is.” As soon as you judge it or give meaning to it, you give it negative energy and it becomes another part of your story. Instead, have compassion for that part of you. Acknowledge it, accept it and allow it to melt away into a pool of love. By doing so, you neutralize it and realign yourself so you can move forward.

Fear and struggle are constricting emotions. They will literally suck the life from your desires. If you believe it’s going to be hard, it will be! Slow things down enough to notice when you are here.

When you align with the universe, you are not attached to a story. In fact, you are not attached to anything. When you are attached to a specific form or outcome, you have a need to control. And in that need to control you constrict the flow of energy. You stop what is actually trying to come to you.

Think of yourself connected to the Universe by a flow tube. When you are connected, open and aligned, this tube is wide open and things effortlessly flow to you. When you are misaligned with fear, doubt, worry, struggle, the need to know or control (just to name a few), this tube is tight and constricted or even completely detached. You actually cut off the flow. If things do eventually manifest, it takes a lot of time and effort, which can leave you feeling exhausted and sick.

5. Celebrate with gratitude and love! When you are successful, stop and celebrate! When you celebrate, you give attention to what feels good. By doing so, you are giving a message to the Universe to send you more to be grateful for. It becomes a “momentum loop” that keeps you in the flow of creating and receiving good things.

When you are clear and in alignment with your intentions, your life seems to flow, almost effortlessly. Yes, you have to take action but the action you take is rooted in love and trust, not fear or struggle. Your “work” is fun and it feels good! It all flows together to become a life you love.

Please share your experience and thoughts with me below. Thanks!

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