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With conflict and heartbreak so rampant in the collective right now, it seems to me that self-love isn’t just self-care, it’s survival. One form is giving yourself the opportunity to feel into gratitude.

People often tell me how much they love my energy. That’s because of the high vibes I mostly carry in my body. These high vibes consist of several emotions that are all connected to gratitude.

For example, when you tap into something you are grateful for, it triggers feelings of love, joy, hope, acceptance, inner peace and optimism. All of these emotions are on the higher frequency spectrum and they feel good! 

When you feel good, you ripple vibrations of good feelings out into the world. 

Gratitude is a “generating emotion”. That means, the more you feel grateful, the more things you create to feel grateful for. When you feel gratitude you’re resonating at a high vibration. This high vibe becomes a magnet for more good things to be magnetized to you. That is the Law of Attraction.

Here’s a Self Love tip:

The next time you want to raise a lower vibe into a higher vibe, and/or open your heart to more opportunity and possibility, try this…

Remember a time in your life when you were desiring something so much, and then one day it happened. The answer to your prayers came true. 

Maybe it was a new job, a new home, a baby or your beloved, for example.

Go back and feel the feeling of the gratitude you felt in your body at that time.

Feel it now. Allow your memory to take you there. 

By remembering a time when you felt grateful in your past, you reconnect to the feeling of gratitude inside you.

Allow gratitude to buoy up your emotional scale towards feelings of joy and love.

It’s a wonderful gift to give yourself… a gift of self-love.

Go ahead, try it now. Pause a moment and think of one amazing thing that has happened in your lifetime that today you are grateful for? And feel the love within you. 

It’s important to realise you are living inside one of your answered prayers while you wait for your next one. There is always a place for gratitude.

In this season of thanksgiving, I give gratitude to you for the opportunity to have this connection with you. I draw such energy from reading your comments and hearing your thoughts. Thank you, my gratitude overflows.

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“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”

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