The energy of this past couple of weeks has been BIG! Have you felt it? We have been in big solar eclipse energy!

For many, including myself, it’s been showing up as exhaustion, wakeful nights, headaches, nausea and feeling edgy. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Relationships may be challenging, including the one with yourself.

We are ascending together as our beautiful planet is ascending. We are healing, birthing and being enlightened. As this happens, there may be things you’ll be releasing too.

As we embrace the transformative light, the dark has nowhere to hide.

Old emotional stuff could be coming to the surface to be processed and released. If so, feel it and let it go.

Every time you embody more light, it brings up unprocessed emotions and situations that still need to be shifted from your past. We level up, then take a few steps back in order to transcend the stuck energy. You are not regressing. This is a part of the growth process.

If this message is for you, it’s important to take some big breaths throughout your day, and as you exhale, feel and release all stress, tension and emotions in your body. Let it all go!

It’s time to close all the old wounded chapters from your past. Allow them to complete. Close this volume of your life and place the book on the shelves.

Hold yourself to the highest standard and meet yourself with the deepest compassion. Explore your most desired future for both yourself and the world. Fully imagine living this optimal life, opening your heart to receiving “this or something better, with harm to none.”

Say “yes” to what’s coming. Receive with gratitude and grace.

We are being supported and guided in this evolution on the planet today. Trust in the process and celebrate all the good that is unfolding…both in yourself and in the world.

As always, I would love to support you through this time of transition. Comment below and let me know how you are feeling.

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