Transition is uncomfortable. Transition creates fear. Transition creates chaos.
I am presently in transition.
In just 13 days, the moving truck is pulling up in front of our (sold) beautiful home and taking us to a new location 3.5 hours away. Besides a couple of my fabulous clients, I will know no one. I don’t know this new city at all.
Something deep inside me says, “It’s time to go”. It’s all part of my Soul’s work and I know it. I feel it in my heart.
Yet, as much as I trust making this move is right for us, the unknown can be scary.
As much as I trust in this process, it still triggers my ego’s fear and its need to protect me and keep me “safe”.
This is why keeping my routine of inner stillness…regular meditation, yoga and time in nature, my tools to come “home”…are so important. Now more than ever, no matter how busy I become, I must remain grounded in the “more real” of my truth, my passion, my purpose, as well as my compassion and love for others and for myself.
In fact, this isn’t just about me. Our world is in a period of transition today. Can you feel it?
Our world is moving from a state of domination and resistance to a place of dominion and well-being.  The world is in transition and transition creates fear! This is showing up with the U.S. election, Standing Rock, and in other significant events around the world.
There is always chaos before change. Things are getting stirred up!
I believe today’s movement is healthy. Many of us are challenging authority and refusing to be bullied like never before. We are asking questions and we want answers. Answers that will benefit not just a few, but all of us.
Unwilling to accept the old ways of domination, fear and control, we are creating a new world.  A world of collaboration, hope and trust.
Yet, many are afraid of change and continue to project fear, anger and resistance toward what’s going on around them. They’ve been caught up in the “illusion” of fear, and brain-washed by the media, which survives from a fear based culture. The us-against-them blame game is what these people know.  For them, the future will only become more confusing as the world before them changes for the better.
I believe this imbalanced, patriarchal, dominating approach in the world is dying and is no longer sustainable. It’s losing its power. We are in a time of transition…a time of healing…nurturing the world from a feminine perspective, with compassion, grace and dignity for all.
What world do you choose?
If you choose to move toward the light and a healing world, I invite you to use your “tools” as I’m using mine. What helps you to detach from the chaos and fear around you and consciously calm the chaos within?
What helps you to be still and trust in the process of transition? I’d love to know your thoughts. Please share them in the comments below.
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