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Are you feeling divided from a loved one because of your different beliefs around something passionate to you? If so, know you are not alone. 

Maybe you’re getting triggered around a loved one’s health, safety or future and you want them to see “what’s really going on”. I get it.

No matter what country you live in, there are a lot of different beliefs, emotions and perspectives being triggered in today’s chaotic and changing world. 

What makes it even more confusing is we are being told one thing one day and then a completely different thing another day. Much of the time, it’s difficult to know what to believe!

Yet, here is something super rock solid that you can count on…We are all on our own soul’s journey. 

Each of us is only able to understand what we are ready and willing to understand. Each one of us is right where we are meant to be in each moment. Trust this. 

Our individual “reality”, and our world view, are actually created within us. 

You can talk until you are blue in the face, however, you cannot make anyone make sense of a different perspective if they are not ready and willing to see it. 

Chances are great that this other person or party is just as frustrated and afraid for you as you are for them. 

If you want to build a strong foundation for this relationship you care so much about, choose compassion and love over righteousness and fear. 

I have learned from experience to only share information with people who are requesting it from me. Unless they are willing to hear my side and learn from my perspective, pushing information onto others is only going to act as a wedge between the two of you and drive you farther and farther apart. 

For example, what is your response when they try to push their perspective and information upon you? Unless you are actually interested enough to learn, it’s most likely going to be ignored or dismissed. 

Here’s an example for you…A loved one is fully committed to getting the jab, believing it is the most powerful way to be protected from Covid. They believe being unvaccinated creates vulnerability to getting sick and hospitalized and possibly death, and the jab is the best way (possibly the only way) to be protected.

On the other hand, it’s your understanding that being injected to this “experimental drug” is a greater risk than getting Covid. You are concerned of long-term complications and possibly even death if it’s injected in your body.

Both of you passionately try to inform and persuade each other of the risks and benefits that you understand to be true. Yet, instead of creating a “listen to learn” conversation, it becomes a fearful attempt to “persuade and save each other” conversation. Neither of you have any intention of listening to each other and both of you are sharing from a place of righteousness and fear.  

At the end of your time together, chances are good that all you have accomplished is more frustration, anger and separation between the two of you.

Your soul wants you to know you aren’t here to save anyone. No, not even your family. We are each on our own journey. 

Attachment to any outcome only creates frustration and disappointment. 

If you are part of my community, there is a good chance you are here to assist with the great awakening that is happening today. This requires TRUST and RESPECT. 

Keep loving yourself and doing YOUR great work so you can BE the love and the light the world needs now. For everyone.

Allow others to be on their own journey. Allow others to make their own choices and create their life their way. 

Role model for your loved ones what that looks like. Honor yourself and honor them. 

When you trust in the process of life from a loving and spacious perspective, it really does make life easier.

I’m Cindy Powers Prosor. Intuitive Alchemist. Heart Mentor. Lover of Life. I help people who look happy on the outside yet on the inside they feel frustrated, lost and alone.

If you are ready to connect to an awakening community with tools and information to help you feel lighter and more expansive, I invite you to join my Private Facebook Community, Opening Doors here.

What you are not changing, you are choosing.

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