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I have noticed in my coaching practice and in my life, many people are questioning themselves. Some of the things I see them questioning are their relationships, careers, health, living locations, the information and people they once related to and/or trusted…even themselves.

At the beginning of this year, I noticed something was feeling heavy within me. Even my health was beginning to be impacted. Something was definitely off. 

I paused my life for a few months. I got curious, quiet and went within.  

During that time, I peeled off (even more) layers of conditioning and rediscovered more of my authentic true self. I’m enjoying getting to know myself at this next level, as it’s opened up a deeper love and compassion, for both myself and the world. 

Do you feel stuck, stopped or heavy? If so, the first important step is to recognize it.  

What is it within you that is asking to change? 

  • Have you been trying to be something for everybody, except for yourself? 
  • Have you been overgiving from a place of duty, obligation or unworthiness? 
  • Is there a boundary that needs to be put into place?
  • Are there some beliefs, old ideas or habits that are not important or true for you anymore?
  • Are you doing work or in a relationship that is unfulfilling? If so, what in this relationship needs to be addressed?
  • What would you like more of? What would you like less of? 

Your body is constantly giving you feedback. If things are feeling heavy, stuck or “off”, now is a great time to address it. 

Recognize it and acknowledge the impact this is having on your life. Acknowledge how it’s weighing you down and dampening the ease, joy, and fulfillment you long for.

Let go of what is not serving you, so you can create a life that does. Know that when the right path flows, it feels light and intuitively right!

Are you ready for change? 

If you’d like some support, please reach out. It is my passion and life purpose to walk alongside you during these times of change.

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