Do you ever feel like a deer in headlights? You just can’t seem to move forward — or even move at all. You subconsciously relive and replay old stories of your past. These stories are what holds you back from the exact things you desire most in your life. You can’t see them as the stories they are because you are in them … they seem real to you. They keep you trapped in what I call the “illusion” and it’s almost impossible to get out on your own.

You may find yourself struggling with:

— Creating healthy relationships with parents, siblings, spouses, and friends
— Building successful romantic relationships
— Maintaining healthy business partnerships
— Healthy relationships with money
— Maintaining personal boundaries and learning to say “no”

Childhood Wounds

I believe “our story” begins when we are young. As children, we take on certain beliefs and fears that are not necessarily healthy. These beliefs and fears become “wounds.” The most powerful first step to repairing these wounds is to recognize where they first began. The second step is to acknowledge the impact these wounds are still having on your life today. When you can see them for what they are and forgive yourself and others for the past, that’s where the healing begins.

Healing the Wounds Through Nurturing

I know these wounds personally. I certainly had my own story that was keeping me from being happy. Several years ago I made a HUGE move in my life that spiraled me deep down into hopelessness and despair. It had a negative impact on my relationship with my husband and family, as well as my health and income.

Although I looked happy from the outside, I felt alone, frustrated and confused on the inside. I was lost and unsure of how to move forward. But then I did! Some of the shifts I made were:

— I hired a coach, who gently helped me see where I was stuck and lovingly helped me get out of my own way.
— I learned how to be there for myself in ways I had wanted others to be there for me.
— I began healing very old and deep wounds from my childhood.
— I began tapping into my feminine gifts of intuition and learned the power of my emotions.

Within a year, I experienced huge breakthroughs and empowered myself as a woman and a business owner.

Now I want to help you make those shifts in your own life.

Over this year I’ve met many women who tell me they desire more passion, more love and connection and less fear, anxiety and struggle in their lives. They are frustrated, confused, exhausted and tired of trying so hard.



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