Cindy on the beach standing in a heart made of driftwood.

In our family, we play a lot of games. One of our favorites is the card game, Rummy. When I was younger, a part of me needed to win to feel worthy… to feel good enough.

I’ve learned over time that if we take the game too seriously, with only the desire to win, the fun of the game decreases, we become intense, people don’t enjoy being around us, and we forget the real reason for playing. To connect with others and to have fun!

Fortunately, I’ve grown to realize that the reason to play games is to keep it light, fun, and enjoyable for everyone. Laughter helps, too!

It’s not about winning; it’s about the enjoyment of playing. It’s about the fun! It just feels better when we lighten up, right?

It’s the same with the game of life. It’s not to be taken too seriously. Life is meant to be enjoyed and kept light and easy.

When we put too much focus on winning, with its power over performing, competing, striving, earning, comparing, impatience, and perfecting, we forget the true reason and purpose for why we chose to be here in the first place.

We came here to learn and to grow. We came here to work together towards creating a better world. We came here to experience all of our senses. We came here to learn about love. We came here to experience the beauty of who we are.

I believe we are here to love what we do and do what we love while being present in each moment. Only then can we connect with and feel the expansive abundance and love we hold within our hearts.

When we live from abundance, we easily live in balance. We know there is plenty of time to work, rest, play, connect, celebrate and regularly pause in gratitude and awe. An abundant life is filled with beauty, compassion, connection, laughter and grace.

Are you taking this “game” of life too seriously? Are you “wasting” some of your precious life worrying, overproducing, performing, perfecting, and striving in hopes of making yourself feel better, more secure, and free? If so, how’s that working for you?

Are you feeling happy and fulfilled, or are you feeling exhausted, frustrated, empty and alone?

Abundance, happiness and love are not something you get. These are not something you go after. Abundance, happiness and love are what you ARE. They are IN you. These are feelings.

When you slow down and connect with the love and abundance that’s within you, you’ll attain what the striving, performing and perfecting can never give you.

Once you genuinely feel happy, abundant and loving, you naturally create an abundant and loving life.

How do I know? I’ve played the game both ways. Today, I live my life from the inside out and help others live their lives this way, too.

My wish for you and for the world is that you lighten up, slow down, take time to have fun, be present, and laugh more. Know that you are worthy just for being you.

From this place, everyone wins. And it’s much more fun.

Would you like some support in feeling happy, abundant and loving? Leave a comment so I can support you.

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