We are in the midst of a huge shift on Earth.

This major shift has been occurring since 2011. This shift is taking us from a 3rd dimensional (3-D) reality consciousness into a fifth dimensional (5-D) reality consciousness.

In a 3-D reality consciousness, we are hooked by domination, greed and “power over”. This reality is based in fear and control. In this 3-D reality, we give our power over to other people and darker forces that are in control.

Living in the 3-D, we get triggered and react, giving our power over to whatever triggered us. We want outside circumstances and people to change so we feel better inside our self.

In a 5-D reality consciousness we are our own creators, exercising our ability to actualize our reality into existence. We know our true power is within. We are the creators of our lives.

We may still get triggered, but the difference is we do not react. Instead we are able to consciously respond to our choices, knowing our response creates our reality.

At this time on Earth, we are existing in and experiencing both places at once. As you begin awakening into 5-D, you can consciously experience this for yourself.

Yet, with old habits and expectations in place, we exist only on the “old” Earth of 3-D. As we consciously become more conscious and raise our frequency, we are existing on the New Earth as well. Both versions of Earth exist simultaneously on Earth but in different dimensions.

Although these two realities exist simultaneously, you can only be aware of this if you are able to “tune in” to both. This is what my work and the work of all “light workers” are about, to help you experience the shift as we transition from 3rd dimension reality into 5th dimension reality. Are you able to experience the difference during your day? If so, what do you notice?

The key is to recognize when you get triggered and react (3-D) and acknowledge the impact this has on you. When you are left feeling stressed, defensive, angry, fearful, worried or shamed for example, you are experiencing life from a 3-D reality consciousness.

Instead, slow things down, look at your choices and make a conscious choice that feels good to you. A choice that leaves you feeling relaxed, peaceful, creative, clear, focused and intentional. Here you are experiencing life from a 5-D reality consciousness.

You get to choose.

When you find yourself going back to your old habits, notice and pause. Make a different choice that feels lighter and more empowering. This of course, takes practice. It is not as easy from a 3-D perspective but with practice, quite easy from a 5-D space.

Persistence and positivity are called for now. Stay focused and minimize distractions. If others are involved in drama or chaos around you, you don’t need to react to it…just move out of its way. Be curious by it. Watch it as if you are watching a movie or play.

Following your intuition is key. Listen to your inner guidance and act upon its message. Don’t allow the noise of your ego to keep you stuck in fear and from moving forward.

Your inner guidance is associated with the guidance from your Higher Self. Now’s the time to go for it and take risks associated with your inner guidance message!

Over the next three months those who resist choice and are locked into 3-D consciousness believing life is happening to them will find it more difficult than ever. It will not be easy for them to access a higher perspective. Yet those of us who understand the difference will continue to have the opportunity to observe both options and choose.

Many changes within ourselves and within the Earth will occur through the 8th of August. August 8th is referred to the “Lion’s Gate”. This gateway creates an incredible period of accelerated ascension. This happens each year, yet this year it is supercharged!

Stay awake and notice. Changes on Earth will include natural processes such as volcanoes and earthquakes. Things can look like they are getting worse before they get better.

These natural processes are also taking place within our bodies. You may physically feel uncomfortable, exhausted, dizzy, anxious or unable to sleep. You may feel a mild vibration throughout your body as your Central Nervous System is adjusting.

As we develop this new relationship with ourselves and each other, we will also develop a new relationship with Earth and Nature. As we enter the New Earth, it’s important that we honor and respect Nature and live in communion with Nature. In a 5-D reality, we have much more respect for Nature and understand how connected we are.

The key word is LOVE.

Love for self, love for each other and love for all life on Earth. This next generation of children will grow up in this New Earth Reality Consciousness and use their bodies to actualize their creations simply through love, focused intention, creation and expectation.

Make yourself a priority. Do not get distracted with drama. Laser in on what’s most important to you. Spend time with people who inspire and lift you. Create time to nurture yourself. Pause throughout your day and be present moment-to-moment. Spend time in nature and notice the beauty, solitude and enchantment around you. Expect more and receive.

With so much love,


Do you look happy on the outside, yet struggle on the inside?

Most of us were taught the way to happiness is “out there”. Yet, that’s exactly why we are left feeling disappointed, frustrated and alone.

Please share your experience and thoughts with me below. Thanks!

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