In 2004, we moved from Northern California to New Zealand and my world went upside down in the transition. Even though I was a certified professional life coach at the time, I didn’t know how to navigate the chaos of change and the stress that would create inside me. I felt angry, lost and alone.

Meanwhile, Larry was “happy as” with his new life as I was missing my old life like crazy! I thought moving back home would give me the security and comfort I needed and came SO CLOSE to leaving him. 

Fortunately I found an amazing coach who taught me how to navigate through the chaos of change and create happiness, security, inner peace and love from within myself. 

That experience changed my life! So much so I have been teaching others how to find lasting peace, happiness and love for over 18 years.

In light of today’s stressful global events, I’m excited to announce I am opening my doors to a few more clients. Private coaching spaces are open now!

Despite the uncertainty of today’s changing world, imagine where you’d like to be in 6 months time. I see the “future you” who is living that life too. 

I can help you by compassionately shining a light on your blind spots and showing you how to refocus and reclaim the amazing power within you, with tools and support to get you there. 

When anxiety, fear, or frustration appear, I give you tools to recalibrate, refocus and reconnect again. When you feel like you are not enough, I’m here to help you see otherwise.

Like many of us, you most likely have been taught and role modelled to give your power over to something or someone outside yourself. For example, once I’m given the answers, get the job, fix my relationship (or find the perfect relationship), move, purchase the dream home for example, I will finally feel happy, safe, loved, respected and good enough.

That might work for a while, but it won’t last. That’s because the world around you is always changing, and before long you’ll be back searching and striving to feel better once again. Creating your life this way is both exhausting and frustrating!

Everything you need is within you. Once you understand this and have the ”tools” and information to create and anchor love, security, trust and respect from within yourself, everything around you changes. 

Once you shift yourself from within, the right people, circumstances, opportunities and things begin showing up for you. This creates inner fulfillment and peace that the worrying, searching and striving can never give you. 

The power lies WITHIN YOU.

There has never been a better time to awaken to this truth. The world today is going through a powerful transformation and that means you are transforming too. You and the world are changing and change can be exciting and uncomfortable

Transition brings chaos, and moving forward these next few years are certain to bring discomfort, chaos and confusion.

That’s why this is the perfect time to take the leap, invest in yourself and learn to powerfully create your life from within.

Sometimes you need that nudge to get back on the path. Sometimes you need a hand to lead you away from fear, worry and confusion and back home to a capable and confident YOU.

…And that’s the magic of my work.

I am here to help you take your power back, by navigating your life from a place of grounded trust, inner peace, and certainty.

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