Happiness is not a destination…it’s a choice. While some choose to pursue it, others choose to create it.

I’m not talking about slapping on a happy face when you have emotions such as sadness or anger inside.

We are emotional beings. It’s important to feel and release heavier or constricting emotions such as anger and sadness, so we can then fully access the higher emotions such as happiness.

“Clean” anger or sadness doesn’t have a story or dialog attached to it. You just feel the emotion and release it in a safe and healing way.

The key is to not feed the drama that is often attached to many constricting emotions. Story + dialog = drama.

Drama creates and feeds itself and the heavy emotions in our body. Happiness is a light emotion and cannot be fully felt when the heavier emotions are harbored and growing inside.

It’s important to feel and release the heavier emotions and let go of the drama that keeps you stuck in the “false emotions”. “False emotions” such as self-pity, victim, blame, jealousy and worry for example.

Make sense?

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I do hope you’ll join me.

With much love and compassion,


If you’re ready, below are 3 other ways I can help you find lasting happiness and love:

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3. Read my blog post on LOVE: https://cindypowersprosor.com/inspiration/

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