bannerHave you noticed the world is rapidly changing? Have you noticed the chaos? The old way of doing things just isn’t working as well anymore. Financial institutions are crumbling. Natural disasters are occurring as our resources are being depleted. Governments are collapsing around us.

The world is shifting and changing rapidly, there’s no question about it. Trying to hang on to your old beliefs and ways of navigating through life just isn’t working as it has in the past.

It’s time to awaken to a new way of being in the world. That’s easier said than done.

If you’re ready to learn how to navigate this new terrain and gather tools for your journey, I’d love to be your guide. To make it lasting and personally meaningful, I’m offering a 5-day retreat in June.You can find out the details here:

Below are 8 benefits of retreating with me.

1. To retreat is committing to a time and place to officially STOP the day-to-day business of your life. Taking care of others, adding and checking things from your “to-do” list, answering the phone, being on the computer may all help to make your life complete, yet these things are also keeping you from that deeper voice, connection and spiritual growth that is calling to you every day.

2. Saying “yes” to a retreat is committing to an actual event where you give full attention to you, with focused activities designed to explore, experience, grow and nurture your true Self. As you do, you begin to awaken to the impact it’s been having on you and your life by staying busy (and distracted) and NOT making time to go within to reunite with your inner-Self. Your retreat allows you to awaken to the more “real”, as you begin to understand how true happiness is actually an inside job.

3. For most people, it’s difficult to make the time to stop and go within, even for just 30 minutes a day. By committing to a retreat, you are saying “yes” to that part of you who is patiently waiting. When you actually set an intention and make a commitment to reconnect with your inner world, “magic” begins to happen. Things begin to fall into place, doors open for you and just the right people appear. (We are going deeper into this at the retreat!)

4. When you carve out specific time to reconnect to your feminine energies you begin to build a “muscle”. You notice life becomes easier and more fun. You feel grounded, flowing, centered and connected. Honoring yourself from this place, you are able to make choices that are authentic and powerful. Choices that are right for you. And when you make choices that are authentically right for you, everyone and everything around you will be positively impacted. You actually return a changed person and your life looks different from this place.

5. By unplugging and being with a group of amazing women, you are surrounded by the powerful energy of those who see you for who you truly are. They do not know the stories you’ve told yourself about what is not possible for you. They see you as the magnificent woman you are. You recognize yourself in them. You start to remember who you really are.

6. By removing yourself from your usual environment, you put yourself in a space of possibility. In addition, the energy patterns in your environment and the people you surround yourself with keep you in a pattern of limitations and hold you in a certain way of be-ing. An old way of be-ing that may not be serving you anymore. When you step into the sacred space of a retreat environment, you step into the new and the spacious world of all possibilities.

7. When you participate in a guided retreat, with all the richness of a journey designed to bring out your brilliance, you have the opportunity to realign with who you really are. It is so easy to feel off track or lost and not know what you are here to do. A retreat will give you that place to rest. That place to explore where you want to go from here!

8. And if you retreat with me in June, you get an extra bonus…you will be harnessing the power of the Winter Solstice and a full moon! For centuries, Winter Solstice has been a time of reflection. During the long nights of winter, we’re invited to stop and pull inward. Like a garden that goes dormant in the season, it’s time for us to stop and go within to collect the necessary wisdom that will guide the next phase of our lives. By working with the power of the earth’s cycle, we benefit with this natural synergy of energy to help propel us forward along our evolving path.

The full moon in June is supported by Capricorn. This means it’s an ideal time for maturing and growing respect, responsibility, self-discipline, ambition, opportunities, accomplishment, achievement and grounded vision. What could be better?

Are you ready to reconnect to the “magic” of your inner world and learn a new more joyful way of navigating through life in the beauty, solitude and enchantment of Tuamotu?

If so, there’s no better time to retreat. Whenever you make a choice for your highest good, the Universe meets you there to support you…and magic happens. You do not need to know HOW it will happen.

You DO need to listen to your heart and follow through.

Please share your experience and thoughts with me below. Thanks!

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