Could your love-relationship use a “tune-up”? Would you like to experience your partner as something more than just a roommate? Do you yearn for more romance in your marriage? Maybe you’re single and ready for something more.

Below are some of my favorite Feng Shui tips for attracting love and romance into your relationship and your life.

1. Charge the relationship “power spots” in your home. Standing at your front door, the farthest right corner in your house is your relationship area. It’s the perfect place for symbols of love. If possible, it’s the perfect place for your bedroom. You will find this same relationship “power spot” in the far right corner of all the rooms in your home.
2. Does energy flow into your bedroom with ease? Check to see if the path to your bedroom is easy to get to and your bedroom door swings effortlessly and is in good shape. Noisy, sticky and clashing doors and drawers can create chaos and arguing in the house. Keep things flowing smoothly and you will have a smooth and flowing relationship. To invite more energy into your room, hang a larger crystal ball or pleasant sounding wind chime directly outside the bedroom door secured with a red ribbon.
3. Place your bed along the farthest wall or corner from the door. Make sure you can easily see the door from your bed, making sure it’s not directly in the line of the door.
4. Have a solid and strong headboard and footboard on your bed. The head of the bed should be against the wall or in the corner at a 45-degree angle. Do not have your headboard against or below a window.
5. Hanging a round mirror in your bedroom will help to create more harmony and unity in your relationship.
6. Get rid of all energy of past relationships. A new bed is a powerful symbol of fresh opportunities. Your bed and mattress hold the energy of all who have slept on it. Both should be new to you and your present lover. Toss old photos, gifts and letters from anyone but your current partner.
7. Choosing the correct color for your bedroom is important. Pink, white and red are the colors of love and romance. Use peach if you welcome a new relationship. Green and blue help with balance and health. Dark colors attract depression and isolation.
8.Fresh flowers and plants bring fresh energy into your relationship. Adding healthy plants to your bedroom can make a large bedroom feel cozier, and symbolize new life and growth. Avoid prickly or spiky plants such as cacti and spider plants, which create symbolic daggers in your relationship.
9. Think pairs in the bedroom. Two bedside tables, two pillows, two lamps, two candles. Look out for single objects, unless of course you are happily single.
10. Display only photos of you and your partner in your bedroom. In creating a space for intimacy, it’s important to keep photos of family and friends in another place.
11. Keep your bedroom for sleep and romance only by getting rid of all distractions. This includes TVs, stereos, phones, exercise equipment, desks, computers, and excess furniture. Keep this room simple and flowing. Create a romantic ambiance by placing candles, flowers, beautiful artwork and items where you can enjoy them.
12. A bathroom in your bedroom can leak energy from your relationship lessening trust, passion, and connection. By all means, always keep the door shut and the lid to the toilet seat down.
13. A fireplace in the bedroom can burn up energy, causing exhaustion and strain in the relationship. You can cure this by placing a potted plant in front of it, keeping the flue closed, and refrain from use.
14. Having an outside door from your bedroom can lead to many problems in the relationship including disconnection. Hanging a wind chime in front of the door will help.
15. Do you have a beam over your bed? If so, this can cause constriction and pressure on your relationship. If possible, move your bed away from the beam. It’s helpful to paint the beam the same light color as the ceiling. The ideal cure is to hang two Feng Shui flutes at 45-degree angles, one on either end of the beam.
16. To attract a new partner, place a red flower in a white vase in the far right corner of your bedroom. You can also use the color peach in your wardrobe, bedroom, and living areas, but don’t forget to change it to pink when the relationship begins!
17. Visualize your intention when creating your space. See your relationship deepening, strengthening and blossoming. One way to do this is by collecting photos, words and phrases that symbolize your perfect relationship. Place them on a board or keep them in a special spot and visit them regularly. Trust this or something better is on its way!

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