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How easy is it for you to access clarity and calm in today’s chaotic turbulence? Especially around your biggest triggers and challenging situations?

Stress, frustration, overwhelm, uncertainty and conflict can create anxiety, insecurity and fear. Learning to access inner calm can save you a lot of daily unrest and angst.

Inner calm is created by learning to insert a PAUSE. In that pause, you become more conscious of your choices and responses. It gives you the space to become more intentional and less reactive. 

Inserting a pause creates spaciousness and a state of active calm and inner stillness. This allows for more awareness between your mind and emotions. Inserting a pause creates access to an opening for deeper assessment, reasoning and clarity. 

It allows you to connect to the intuitive guidance of your heart.

Below I share five steps to feeling more emotionally and mentally calm and clear.  

1. Notice when you are stressed, triggered or overwhelmed. You cannot change anything you are not aware of.

2. Insert a pause by taking a big, deep belly breath. Invite your mind to drop down into your body. Focus on your belly going in and out with each breath.

3. Focus your attention in the center of your chest or your sacred heart. If it helps, you can place your hand there. Breathing a little slower and deeper than usual, imagine your breath is now flowing in and out of this area. 

4. With each breath, draw in the feeling of inner peace and calm, and with the exhale, breathe out a pink swirling cloud of love all around you.  

5. Set a meaningful intent to anchor the feeling of calm, as you re-engage with your projects, people and daily activities.

By creating space and consciously accessing and responding to your situation, you reduce stress. Instead of creating an emotional mess and friction, you’re left feeling empowered and deeply connected to your authentic and grounded Self.

The more you practice this, the easier it gets. Before you know it, inserting this pause becomes your natural response to triggered, challenging situations.

If you use this tool already, what are the benefits you have discovered? Do you have another way you calm the chaos in your life? I invite you to please share your thoughts and ideas.

Wishing you inner peace as you navigate the chaos of change.

Conscious creation and manifestation is one of the processes I love to teach. If you’d like support, I invite you to book a Breakthrough Session by clicking here.

“Cindy is a fantastic listener and she gently reflects back to you what she’s hearing. She asks questions, and without realising it, my answers revealed a solution and clear direction of what my subconscious truly wanted.” – Jess Quilter, Auckland.

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